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Thread: "Playing It Straight" to premiere on Fox, 03/12

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    #1 Kasey fan!!! Sunflower8's Avatar
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    in the state of confusion
    I'm looking forward to this show. I'm sure it will prove to be entertaining as well as fun to see if my "gaydar" works. Can't wait!!!!
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    The site that BorderEvil2 posted has about 2 or 3 contestants photos...

    There's also a new site - still under construction, for the show at:

    But so far there's no contestant photos/profiles yet.

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    the sweetest thing snickers's Avatar
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    i can't wait to see this!!!!

    i predict one of the final two guys will be gay, if not both of them lol, i guess it depends when she finds out about the twist

    i will be trying to guess who the gay guys are-though i was fooled a few times on boy meets boy though i did get some of them correct lol

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    i want to watch just to see who is who and i think its a great concept and i do have to wonder how its going to end

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    This is really getting ridiculous.

    Is the goal now to make each show more outrageous and more debasing?

    .... I might watch.... I'm ashamed.

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    Threshold, I agree with you. But have fun watching! (BTW, when will that poor dog get that bone??!! )

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    I too am excited for this to start. And she does seem a little naive about it all, but in the end she'll either walk away with half a million or nothing.

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    Yoffy lifts a finger... fluff's Avatar
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    I doubt this show can be any more humiliating for the participants than Forever Eden, so, count me in.
    "That's Numberwang!"

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    Lotusland of course
    The show is different from Boy meets Boy in that this time she knows some of the bachelors ( in the olden days, "I'm a confirmed bachelor was code for " queer as a 2 dollar bill ) are gay, so all is fair.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lotuslander
    we don't get Bravo in Canada.
    where in canada are you? i live in canada and i get bravo. that's where i watch queer eye.

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