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Thread: Pirate Master

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    Re: Pirate Master

    I think it looks fun. I will be watching.
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    Re: Pirate Master

    "Pirate's Court?" Oh yeah, I can just see a bunch of outlaw mariners sitting down to a lively afternoon of public speaking and judgment.

    The show has potential to be a lot of fun.
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    Re: Pirate Master

    My Early Favorites are Louie , Sean ,Laurel and Christa
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    Re: Pirate Master

    Hey I noticed in the contestant threads that they all get PIRATE CLOTHES!

    Does anyone have an eyepatch?

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    Re: Pirate Master

    I am SO ready for some "new blood" in the Reality TV world. This one looks interesting, and I can't wait to see how the mixture of "Chippendale + MIT” and a be-freckled homeless girl will turn out.
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    Re: Pirate Master

    (Just hijacking the thread to say random stuff about the show. Sorry)

    A few criticisms of the thing.

    Firstly the whole "talk like a pirate" thing bothered me. Confessionals converted into talking about Mutiny and so on. It was so obvious that the contestants were either fed words, or asked to rephrase their words to suit the shows style.
    It removes the contestants from "reality". You can't trust that what they are saying is what they are really thinking.

    And the whole stupid Compass Theft thing was totally dumb and improbable. Producers taking a far too heavy hand on proceedings. It's like Lisi changing her mind about leaving at Tribal Council in Survivor... one step too far into "No, that's not what he really wants to do. Its FAKE!".

    My second criticism of the format is that it is too busy. Too much stuff to plow thru in an hour, meaning too little time to get to know the people. The big name, long lasting Reality Shows have a few rules and boundaries, but then step aside and allow the contestants to be Human within them.
    My personal criticism of the current form of Survivor is that it's added too many Rules. Lost it's faith that the players in themselves can provide the entertainment.

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