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Thread: Suggestions for Season Two

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    Suggestions for Season Two

    I have one very LARGE suggestion for the producers if they do indeed decide to move forward with a second season.


    I can forgive the dance and voice coaches as they can only mold so much art with the clay that they are given. Dance and voice lessons are things that take months, years to show professional results.

    And the wardrobe staff has done an admiral job of providing the proper attire to match the point in the artists carreer to the song being done by the "Permorers As".

    But make-up artists are used to working on people in one sitting. And there have been some pretty hideous "transformations" this season.

    I have had more realistic Brittany's and Xtina's come to my door at Halloween.

    And that poor guy who was dressed as Freddy Mercury (I can half expect to answer my door this Halloween and see some 10 year old kid with a bad mustache).

    Probably the most realistic

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    The number of dancers used for the Justin number were over kill. I liked the performer and thought his voice sounded great. He seemed to get lost in all the dance action on stage. I also saw some very bad dance moves that looked like break dancing.

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    I agree. Plus, let's put a little money into the wig budget, shall we? It looks like they bought their wigs at a novelty shop.

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    Speaking of make-up, what the heck was up with "Ricky Martin"? That was the most hideous attempt at realistic make-up I've seen.

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    Colby. Amen to that. It was like two huge, angry caterpillars fighting on his forehead. Scary!

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