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Thread: Not even an episode discussion thread??

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    Not even an episode discussion thread??

    Not that anyone cares about spoilers with this show and such. But we didn't even get a discussion thread for the 9/22 show? Maybe I'll just start one. Todd Newton is neither a Todd nor a Newton. Discuss.

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    Shhh it's a secret
    John started one last night and no one wrote in it. I think he ended up deleting it since it wasn't being used.
    Who shot who in the what now?

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    Well, you can tell how much this show means to me--I forgot to watch last night. However, I had thought that I'd be able to come in here today and read up on what I missed. Guess this says it all--"nothing".

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    I watched! I watched! It was HORRIFYING!

    The Ricky Martin guy was an ABOMINATION! Good God in heaven! Looked like two caterpillars were mating where his eyebrows shoulda been.

    The Alanis chick was pretty good. Fairly good impersonation.

    Hands down, the Aretha girl deserved to win. She was awesome.

    Can't say much on the other two as they did not appeal to me at all.

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    Yep, I had a thread, no one replied in it, so I deleted it this morning.

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    Heh. Figures. I was thinking when I was watching the Aretha gal that I should get up off my behind and come in and say something about her. But I guess thoughts don't register on the who cares scale.

    Thanks for 'splainin' it to me, ye' olde moderators.

    By the way, the Alanis girl wasn't bad. But the Ricky Martin guy...eeeuuuwww. It sort of seems to me that they saved a lot of good ones for the last show. Alanis girl did a good job of being Alanis, but I'm not sure about her over-all talent.

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