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Thread: A thought about female impersonators...

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    A thought about female impersonators...

    I mentioned in another thread that many of the women look like female impersonators after they've been made up.

    Which got me to thinking...wouldn't this show be MUCH more entertaining if more female impersonators were allowed to make up the guests, or even compete? There are some darned good ones out there...

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    I agree that female impersonators do an excellent job of looking like their "idol." But their makeup is way over the top, too. Most of the impersonators that I have seen "in real life, as opposed to Birds Nest, etc., and those on film." lipsync to the songs rather than "sing in their own voices" as the MC loves to remind us, lol.

    I bet they will may very well have a male or female attempt a performer of the opposite sex before this show is over. That will be fun to see. As I'm typing this, I'm thinking of how high Harlemm Lee's (Fame) voice was and he would be perfect for impersonating a female singer. But he already won a singing/dancing show so this isn't going to happen anytime soon. Now, I must go google him and find out what the heck happened after the show, lol.

    Good idea! YCan'tAngieRead.

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