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Thread: Performing As 9/9

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    Performing As 9/9

    Please keep all spoilers in this thread.

    Well, that sucked. Britney/Madonna/Aging Hoe wannabe won when she had like no vocal talent.

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    Denise Atkisson
    I hate this show. The results are always opposite of what my husband and I think they should be. Every winner has deserved to be last, and vise versa. Don't know why we watch it.

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    Woo hoo. Look at all the viewers!

    What a mistake, to put up a really crummy show opposite a heavy hitter like BB.

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    I actually thought that this group did better than previously.
    Madonna - all I could think of was Adam Sandlers moaning, drunk version in "The Wedding Singer". I felt like she only sang about half the words, but then I'm not fond Madonna to start with.

    Garth Brooks - He did a good job with the song, but I was waiting for some power notes - didn't happen.

    Meat Loaf - I thought he did well, but once again, missed any power notes that would have made a huge difference.

    Annie Lenox - what was with the visit to the dance coach? I didn't see any dancing, but I like the song and she did a good job.

    Toni Braxton - finally some power notes, but yes, she did start out way too low. I was not really impressed.

    Overall, I was pretty disappointed that the Madonna lady won. I have no idea any more (not that I ever really did!) what it is they're looking for! It's not American Idol (unfortunately!) But they do sing in their very own voices!
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