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Thread: who was your favorite thus far?

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    I would have to say Brian Duprey as Frank Sinatra, also. I really thought out of all the winners so far he was the best. Even my son was impressed and he doesn't even like Sinatra music.
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    I didn't see last week's episode, so I don't know how the Frank guy was, but I DEFINITELY think the Aretha gal should win. She was FANTASTIC.
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    I was first in the opinion Babs was the one, then came Frank, but now we have Aretha, and she really is the one who should win this show.
    ps. This is just my opinion in the matter.

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    I forgot all about Monday night's show, but I've seen all the others. The Frank Sinatra guy is by far my favorite. Babs was my favorite up to that point. I liked the Freddy Mercury guy, as well, but he didn't move on.

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    Ok, Tina Turner was my fave, but Aretha was AWESOME! If she doesn't win, I don't know what happened . . .

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