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Thread: Conchita Leeflang / Tina Turner - Episode 1

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    Quote Originally Posted by poppie
    Hi levi, my aunt wants to say thank you very much.
    Tell your aunt, "you're welcome!"
    But, wow, I'm disappointed she didn't get a higher place. I loved her "You Better Be Good To Me" performance, but that's ok. They all did good, and they all got high scores. I wanted her to get second (No one was better than Sharon/Aretha) but I'm just glad I got to see her twice!

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    So what place did she come in the finale?

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    I think she went out third, Angie. Can't recall. I was surprised, though, since she did so well.

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    she was very good!!!
    and as a surinamese i want say: " conchita van harte gefeliciteerd"
    keep up the good work and we're proud of you ,,, bye

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