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Thread: Paradise Hotel to return for second season?

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    I dunno if I'd watch a second season, though I did watch half of the last one and liked it. It had more to do with the people than the premise of the show though. I only started watching when everyone started picking on Charla and geeky Dave went badass on muscular Toni.

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    They're bringing back! Its my GUILTY PLEASURE! I remember coming on this board as a lurker reading all the commentaries.....actually, I think it was this show that brought me to FORT!

    Who could forget stupid Zach and Lamey?!!! Freaking Toni yelling "EXCUSE ME!!!!!" with her eyes popping out. Charla crying about not having any friends and then screwing Dave over in the finale! And everytime all those high school bullies got voted out they were crying like babies and never realized it was a freaking game for T,C,K, & D.

    Beau......dumb as a rock, but hot as hell!

    Its sooo sleazy and stupid, but I love it!!!! Bring it on!

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    MANY friendships were forged on the Fort via PHo. Good times good times.
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    Board at work
    The minute I saw this article I just had to email it to a friend of mine. PHo was our guiltiest pleasure.

    I saw Toni at a bar in Chicago, Circus, a couple of years ago. It was right after she did Love Cruise. I was a bit tipsy and I kept yelling, to anyone who could hear, "that's Toni from Love Cruise". She didn't look too amused. And then there she was the next summer on PHo. That girl was made for reality television.

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    "I got two tickets to paradise"
    After reading this article I got that darn song stuck in my head.

    One more thing, I remember when the host, Amanda kept saying "the ultimate prize" week after week. I was disappointed they didn't win something bogus like a $5 gift certificate to Walmart or a week supply of free McDonald's chicken nuggets.

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    This show was morally bankrupt and disgusting.

    But I watched every episode.

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    This is some of the best news I have heard. I was very addicted to PH, I just wish I knew about the FORT while it was on, I needed some moral support after watching that show!

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    Brekkie Boy
    From a UK perspective Paradise Hotel was a guilty late-night pleasure - probably what we'd consider a sterotyphical US reality show taken to extremes with characters like Toni massively over-reacting.

    The main problem though with Paradise Hotel is that the first series wasn't "played straight". By that I mean they threw in twist after twist - so making a second series is much more difficult.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mrs Cwebb
    Freaking Toni yelling "EXCUSE ME!!!!!" with her eyes popping out.
    Let's not forget...YAHTZEE!
    You've got to kiss a few frogs before you find your prince!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ana Bannana
    Count me as a closet PH junkie as well. I think a reunion with the originals prior to a new cast would be kind of cool - I would love to see what that bug-eyed psycho-chick* is up to now (sorry thankfully I don't remember her name!).

    *Toni the bartender from Chicago, she was recycled from the other fox show Paradise Island.

    I'll admit the same Ana Bannana As long as they use a different cast, it will be interesting.
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