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Thread: ATTENTION Paradise Hotel Fans!! --Casting call--

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    ATTENTION Paradise Hotel Fans!! --Casting call--

    I just recieved this in an email today...thought I'd share with everyone. Maybe someone would be interested in doing this new reality show.

    DaveBoston.com - The Dave Kerpen Fan Site Newsletter

    (I apologize if you have already received this once or several times--I am having some technical difficulties. Phil.)

    Happy Holidays,

    I'm resending this email from recently with some new info added, because I've been told that many people didn't receive it. My apologies if you don't want the clutter- I know I hate email spam...

    Hope this email finds you warm and cozy. I am quite warm, in Los Angeles, still working on my autobiographical book and plugging away at tv opportunities. I am excited about publishing the book next year and hope you all won't have completely forgotten about me by then. :-)

    If you'll be in the NYC area on December 30th, I'd like to invite you to join me for my 3rd Annual NYEE party, next Tuesday, Dec. 30th, at Tavaru, (www.tavaru.com), 3rd Ave between 17th and 18th Streets. 8 P.M. - ???, no cover, drink specials, and lots more surprises.

    For all you Paradise Hotel fans out there, I wanted to let you know that a new reality soap opera, very similar to PH, is now being cast. If you or someone you know is 21+, single, and up for an adventure (trust me on the adventure part), check out www.realityaccess.com for audition details. And tell them Dave sent you.

    Wishing you a very happy and healthy holiday season,

    - DaveBoston.com - The Dave Kerpen Fan Site Staff

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    (I think this might be the same thing...)

    FOX Plans No Exit from 'Eden'
    (Monday, December 22 04:33 PM)

    LOS ANGELES (Zap2it.com) - What kind of person is so tired of their
    real life that they'd go on a reality television show that might
    never end? Viewers will soon find out, as FOX takes its second stab
    at reality television's equivalent of the perpetual motion machine
    with "Forever Eden."

    When it was originally presented, FOX's summer reality
    entry "Paradise Hotel" was positioned as a reality show with a twist -
    - every week one person would be cast out of paradise and a viewer
    would be voted in. The number of guests would remain in constant
    equilibrium. In theory, FOX press releases suggested, the show might
    never end. However, after several months of solid demographic ratings
    and constantly changing rules, a nearly arbitrary conclusion was
    added and the show did, indeed, come to an end.

    Not surprisingly, "Forever Eden" comes from U.K.-based Mentorn and
    the "Paradise Hotel" producers. Once again, the show will focus on a
    group of sexy singles staying at a luxury resort. The show hopes to
    capitalize on the same insularity and stir-crazy dementia which
    fueled "Paradise Hotel."

    "Their stay could be six months," FOX reality guru Mike Darnell tells
    Television Week. "It could be three years. The idea is they are not
    going on a reality show. They are actually divorcing themselves from
    their lives. They will become like soap stars, because they are going
    to be there for what could be a very long time."

    The show's creative minds have yet to determine how the singles will
    be added and subtracted from the resort, but the more time they
    spend, the more money they will accumulate. Residents who are voted
    out will get to keep half of the money they've earned (if "earned" is
    the correct word for it). Anybody who wants to leave will be allowed
    to do so, but residents who bail in favor of things like contact with
    friends, family and jobs won't make a dime.

    To keep up with the show's soap opera ethos, there will be constant
    twists and turns in the game.

    "Even though they are living in luxury and it's going to be
    wonderful, we are going to introduce elements to make it not so
    wonderful," Darnell promises. "Surprise guests may arrive, who are
    there to stir things up, who won't necessarily be members of the cast
    but could be people from their lives or their past."

    If that sounds a bit like "Paradise Hotel," where loved ones made
    occasional cameos and where deported guests were never entirely gone,
    it probably should.

    FOX has ordered 25 episodes of "Eden" and casting has already begun.
    The series, which should premiere sometime during the spring, won't
    necessarily prevent FOX from returning to "Paradise Hotel" next

    Somewhere, perpetual reality star Toni is relieved.

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    LOL Toni..oh lordy.

    Yes, sounds like the same one.
    Geez. 3 years?! Holy crapper, that's a long time to be on camera. I'd never do one of these shows. But I guarantee that I'll watch'm !!
    All things beautiful do not have to be full of color to be noticed; in
    life that which is unnoticed has the most power.

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    A Dave Kerpen autobiography? Oh, joy is me!

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