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Thread: Why am I here?

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    Why am I here?

    So. Here I am. In an empty forum about Paradise Hotel...hoping that there is something new that I haven't read. Typically, every time I click into the PHo threads I'll find about one new post a day, so this means that I'm NOT the only one coming into these threads.

    I'm starting this new thread for all of you who are randomly stopping by and trying to find a glimmer of new information regarding our esteemed guests of the hotel. So, if you're stopping in and looking around...sign the thread, and tell us why you're here. Or, if you have new information, or if you were one of the guests of the hotel with inside info.... tell us!!!

    I'm here cause there's nothing interesting on t.v. anymore and I miss these threads when it was alive and kicking. Addicted? Sure, fine...I'll admit it. There, I said it.

    Why are YOU here?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Maveno

    Why are YOU here?

    I am desperatly hoping that someone will tell me that there is gonna be a reunion show-- or even a competition like Battle of the Reality Stars...
    Pray for me... I am on my way to the 12 steps of PH addiction.


    HELP ME!!!!

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    I am still here because I am in need of any information that is being passed on, there was alot of news on dave's site for a while and now there hasn't even been any there for a couple days..

    Oh, and being from Holly's hometown.. she never did any interviews and none of the local papers did any articles on her.. which I found quite funny. I heard quite a few of the other guests were at least on their local news.. So there is a bit of news hmmm?

    lol.. We really need a PH addicts club or something

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    Don't we already have 2 of these threads? Now that the show's over, I realize you miss it, but this forum is really only for news and updates on our contestants...We'd like to have people move on to current shows and non-show forums.

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