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Thread: P-Ho's on Mix96

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    Thanks, KarenAnn !! I really appreciate it.

    I know this is gonna sound sad, but I feel like I have nothing to look forward to (as far as tv goes) now that the show is over. Nothing else out there even compares. Therefore, the interview transcripts are like a little dose of PH heroin...just enough to keep me from the DTs. Thanks to anyone who's willing to take the time to put them up.

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    Quote Originally Posted by KarenAnn
    Shannon (female DJ): It was the truth, but it was, there was some strategy in the way you posed your words so that you could curry some favor with some of the folks that didn't like you.

    Tara: There's always strategy involved.

    Shannon: Oh yeah.

    BJ: For instance, Amy, who you mention by name in the speech

    Keith and Tara laugh

    I KNEW it!! Somewhere, deep in the Keith thread, you can find a quote from me stating my belief that Keith was cleverly and cunningly using his speech to jab at the originals, while making those dummies think he was complimenting them! Go Keith!

    Excuse me while I do my "I told you so" dance!
    I'll do graffiti if you sing to me in French

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    *tsk, tsk*, Totoro. No one likes a know-it-all. ;-)

    Next part, Vegas.

    Shannon: So, also during the last show, you promised to take everyone to Vegas. Now, is that going to happen still? Is you offer still open? What's the deal?

    Tara: Arnnk! (it's a buzzer sound) Negative!

    general laughter, and Shannon says Oh no!

    BJ: Reneging on the Vegas offer! Ix nay on the egas vay!

    Dave chuckles.

    Keith: yeah.

    Tara: You know, sometimes people change their minds. We were caught up in the moment and uh (pause) we changed out minds.

    more general laughter

    Shannon: I love it. We were like, that's really nice. But boy, is that a dumb idea. Y'all don't like each other.

    Keith: That's funny, that's funny. Um. I've got a question.

    Shannon: Sure.

    launches into Dave-would-have-given-Charla-the-money discussion, transcribed on page 3 or 4 of this thread. Remember, the station did the individual Charla interview before the group interview.

    Afterwards, the radio DJ's defend Charla, ask Tara's opinion, and then go into Dave's dollar fund. It's noticeable that Tara tuned out for this part, since she tends to interrupt or jump in otherwise.

    Will continue . . . (we've got another 5 mintues out of 9 to go!)

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