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Thread: P-Ho's on Mix96

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    Quote Originally Posted by sugarlady
    I was a big fan of Keith until he gave dollars to Tara and them promised to pay for the Las Vegas trip. He was not the sharpest tool.
    I wonder if he would have been so eager to give Tara the money if he had seen all her bedroom antics.

    Charla should have enough backbone to blow Keith off.
    sugar lady, that's just awful...generosity and a willingness to overlook past mistakes are NOT stupidity. if more people were like what keith displayed on that last episode, this world would be a better place and people like you wouldn't have to be so cynical.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RubenFan#205
    THank.. just heard the interview.. Keith... thanks for sticking up for Dave. .

    I like what Tara said as well.. Tara said.. Dave has a "Good heart", he would definately give the money to Charla.. in a way, she is implying that Charla doesn't have a heart.

    And Charla, if you didn't want to give the money to Dave.. fine.. at least accept the blame. I can't believe you made up a lame excuse saying that.. "oh.. my family didn't think Dave would give her the money". Not only you are selfish and you are also a coward.
    Ruben, i usually disagree with most things you post, but you are dead on here. it was a selfish decision, at least she could salvage some sort of respect by being strong about it and just saying that she wanted all the money.

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    for anyone who's interested...mix 96 has posted the full reunion interviews, as well as a followup interview with dave after the reunion.

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    Interview going on now with K,T,D

    I think it just ended. I only got to listen to about 10 seconds of it. It was on 96x.

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    Haven't they talked to them already?? What was said ??
    "Being famous does not make you a hero." Zeus in Hercules

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    LaZy or any other kind soul...

    If you would be willing to pick up where you left off on the interviews, I would be extremely grateful. I don't have the capability to listen to it, but would love to know, verbatim, what they said.

    Thanks in advance!!!

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    I just finished listening to the 96X interview (I know a little late). Dave keeps saying that it wasn't about the money but from the interview it sounds like Dave is bitter BECAUSE of the money, I mean if you aren't bitter don't constantly say 'it's not because of the money'. It's a shame if it really wasn't about the money then it shouldn't be an issue and he should have told Keith to let it go when he was badgering her about it. It was wrong of Keith to bring that out in the open, it was her decision. Was it the right one, that's a matter of opinion. But people need to respect her decision regardless of how they feel about it. Too bad that this money came between 4 people when it really didn't need to. Hopefully this isn't affecting Charla in any negative way. Hopefully she doesn't regret her decision because she shouldn't. She needs to look out for #1, unfortunately toes get stepped on in the process but that's life. It's just money. I don't think that it should show her to be less of a human being. Would I give someone half of $250,000 if I had the opportunity to a friend. Most definitely if it were someone I had known longer then 3 months. But 3 months is certainly not a long time to know someone regardless of how much time you spend together. Add cameras to that and a person is not going to act 100% like themselves. I know I wouldn't. I would probably feel slighted if I were Dave too BUT I don't look badly at Charla for her decision. I don't think I would be brave enough to keep all the money even if I knew it was the best decision for me so I appauld her for that.

    Bottom line, it was her decision to make, she made it, and I respect her for that. Charla if you're reading this (which I'm sure your not)

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    I finally got an opportunity to listen to them all and after hearing all of the interviews (except for the one with Pops Cuda) I have to say that everybody, with the exception of Keith and Dave, is of the impression that Charla did the right thing. Dave is playing the "I would have used it for charity" BS, and Keith is making out to be that Charla did not hold up her end of the deal. They all agreed to have each other's backs. Nobody said if there's $$ involved in the end we'll all split it. Scott even said that Charla did what she had to do. Tara was non-committal in her replies to whether she thought Charla should have shared the $$. Either way, what's done is done.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mightyisis6175
    LaZy or any other kind soul...

    If you would be willing to pick up where you left off on the interviews, I would be extremely grateful. I don't have the capability to listen to it, but would love to know, verbatim, what they said.

    Thanks in advance!!!
    If you don't mind getting it in minute long snippets . . .

    BJ (male DJ): Was it strategy when you gave your speech, or did you mean that you do got a lot of growing up to do, because let me tell you Keith, our promotions director here would like to propose marriage to you, despite the fact that you and Tara are together. And she said "You know what, I can't believe he said that, because he doesn't have any growing up to do. He's the person least of all that needed to grow up. He's the most mature of them all." And then

    Tara: No kidding.

    BJ: that you said

    Tara: I second that.

    Keith: No, I do have some growing up to do. But to be honest with you, that speech was written by, me and Tara stayed up the whole night til around 3:30, 4 in the morning, and we did it together. You know it wasn't just me, and the speech, that's what I said, it was the truth but we did it together, you know.

    Shannon (female DJ): It was the truth, but it was, there was some strategy in the way you posed your words so that you could curry some favor with some of the folks that didn't like you.

    Tara: There's always strategy involved.

    Shannon: Oh yeah.

    BJ: For instance, Amy, who you mention by name in the speech

    Keith and Tara laugh

    Dave: Let me just say, I thought--I don't want to talk over anybody, we've got a lot of people on the line--but--this is Dave--it was absolutely brilliant. Keith and Tara, it was a brilliant, brilliant speech, and I told them that at the time. I was practically crying.

    Charla: Oh, I was crying the night I was watching it too.

    BJ: Did Zack actually cry? Did anyone actually see Zack cry? Because that was all over the message boards that he cried when you made that speech Keith.

    Keith: I swear to God

    Tara?: No way

    Keith: All the radio stations tell me that I made Zack cry

    Charla? I never saw that

    Keith?: I didn't see it

    BJ: I don't think so either. I didn't think Zack cried; I think he'd be the last person to cry.

    Tara: He probably had something in his eye, and he was picking it out.

    General chuckling

    BJ: One of Amy's body parts perhaps.

    The next part of the conversation's on Vegas. Someone's going to have to teach me how to add color and bold and such.

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    Thanks for that snippet, Karen. There website doesnt jive well with a program on my computer so I haven't been able to listen to it
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