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Thread: Paradizzle Finale Discussion *Spoilers *October 1

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    All I have to say about the finale is, Zack apparently has Marine in him too.
    Maybe we should start calling him Zybil since he seems to have so many different personalities in him.

    DISCLAIMER: Before you read any further, I want to make it very clear that I think Charla SHOULD have given Dave the 1/4 million. It was the fair and moral thing to do.

    Ruben said (and I'm not quoting 'cause I don't feel like going back to search for it)...
    Dave got NOTHING. No friends, no love, no money.

    I say...
    - Dave got no friends because he lied to EVERY single one of them after practically begging them all to trust him.
    - Dave got no love because needy, insecure and possessive doormats are unattractive.
    - Dave got no money because he forgave Charla every time she did something hurtful to him - which is basically the same as giving her permission. (Besides, he actually did give her permission to screw him over when she put him on the spot during their talk and he said it wouldn't matter. Now he's saying it was hurtful and he's not sure he can remain friends with her. Surprise, surprise...he lied AGAIN!).

    Dave = No friends. No love. No money. No balls.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mightyisis6175
    :, Dave = No friends. No love. No money. No balls.
    Cant disagree with that. That pretty much sums up Dave in a nutshell.

    And I also agree that Charla should have given Dave 1/2 of the money because they were team-mates in the same manner as Keith & Tara were team mates and the four of them together were a consordium.

    Think what you will about Dave but the decision to give him 1/2 the money was Charla's and Charla's alone. The fact that she did not is a reflection on her ideals and inner self and not on Daves. Same as Keith's decision not to vote off Dave & Charla because he felt Dave had betrayed his trust was an indication about what kind of person Keith is. Keith stuck by his own word even if Dave did not. Keith also gave his partner half of his winnings to reward her loyalty to him throughout the summer.

    Charla pinky swore an allegence to Dave until the end - which apparently meant until the end of the winner vote and not beyond (by the way, since we never saw the actual voting outcome, Charla didnt really even win the vote. Charla chose not to reward Dave's dilligent loyalty to her when - due to a "twist" she lucked into half of the money.

    Keith walked away with a landslide vs. Dave and Charla won on his coatails. I would imagine that the Charla vs. Tara vote was somewhat closer).
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    by the way on a slight note hurray to use for bringing the total amount of posts on this board to over 20,000 as of today

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    Quote Originally Posted by strawberryKri
    The silliest part of the whole thing was that she could have given Dave half on the show and later said, Dave, I hate to do this, but I really think I may need some of that money. See, I want to do all these things, and after going over them with Charla Dave (who I feel wanted the gesture of her giving it, not the actual money) would have said "OK, I'll give you some of this money back."
    It's hard to imagine someone giving back a quarter of a mill, but i agree that it was Charla not making the gesture of giving the money, not the money itself, that probably hurt Dave the most. Knowing how Dave feels about Charla, there's a chance he wanted to be heroic and say "keep the money"...Then again, maybe he wanted to build a love-nest for Charla and himself. Speaking of love-nest, thanks Mischief for that Keith/Tara pic. You're a miracle worker.

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    oops. Don't you hate when you forget to add an s? Love-nestS.

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    You know, I'm tired of the discussion about this show. Blargh. I'm glad it's over.

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    Well I dont even care because I didnt particularly like any of them. All I can hope is the show has a more diverse cast next time and it proves itself to be more cleverly thought out.

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    Biggest reality lie of Summer

    Once you leave Paradise Island, You can NEVER come Back.....

    It was like a bus terminal

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    Story from an Arizona paper about the finale:

    'Paradise' is packed, but Beau's a no-show

    Dimitrios Kambouris/WireImage

    Annette Roque Lauer and Matt Lauer have given their young son a baby sister.

    Oct. 4, 2003 12:00 AM

    A packed crowd at the Acme Roadhouse in Tempe watched the Wednesday night finale of Fox's Paradise Hotel with six of the reality show's cast members: Alex, Amy, Andon, Kristin, Toni and Zack.

    Beau, a part-time deejay for the Edge (KEDJ-FM 103.9), was nowhere to be found.

    "Beau is in LA, anxiously awaiting his movie debut," said his boss, program director Nancy Stevens.

    But Zack says he is willing to return to his job at Acme. He and Amy have moved in together. Kristin is back at work as a hairstylist at Moments Salon in Phoenix.

    "Honestly, I don't feel that important," Kristin said Wednesday. "I'm one of a million reality people."

    That didn't stop Tonya Hartranft of Tempe and Fatima Farin of Gilbert from showing up three hours early to make sure they got in.

    "We wanted to see for ourselves if they were like they were on TV - or if they're actually nice people," said Farin, 44. Her verdict: "Toni is a sweetheart. I'm going to adopt her."

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