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Thread: The (Maxim) Girls of Parridizzle

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    Yes its true!

    [QUOTE=CharlaFan]I just read on the FOX boards and i am not sure whether this is true or not, but rumor has it Tara and Charla are doing a maxim magazine shoot. Does anybody know if this is actually true or not?[/QUOTE=Eric_205]Yes,its true charla and tara did a photo shoot in a red bikini and there going to be on maxim cover next month or in 2 months...

    PS: if you have any info on charla please tell as soon as you know!!plz

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    Tara said they had done a Maxim shoot together in a radio interview.

    The link to the interview is in Tara's thread.
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    I was originally going to say.. if you locked us all up, gave us buckets of liquor, with nothing to do... I'm sure I would make out with at least 5 of you!!

    But then, I realized .... that wouldn't happen.. we would all be too busy sitting around analyzing things! ha ha

    I know the good majority of us are in our 30's.. so I would like to take you all back 8-10 years.. to a place, perhaps a spring break? a senior class trip? Mexico? Pizza Hut company x-mas party? whatever it was for you where there were lots of beautiful people your age..with lot's of "the drink" .. don't tell me that your lips did not fall on a few faces! Does that make us slutty ho's? Absolutly not!
    (oh my gosh -- i've listened to too much Dave, notice he asks himself questions, then answers them?!?)
    Smooching is not sex. smooching is innocent fun.(unless it's with co-workers d'oh!) remember these people are young, and beautiful, and just coming into their sexuality.

    and p.s. Tara was not topless.. the top of her bikini was a flesh color in the back.

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    Anyone know when the Maxim Magazine is coming out?

    With Charla?

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    You can subscribe to their newletter, which list what will be in upcoming issues.


    Hope that helps
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    My favorite line from the Q&A on pimpit.com:

    Q: "Do you have any secrets to keeping such great figure?"

    Tara: "Spaghetti O's"

    "George Oscar Bluth II, aka GOB, featured magician in the best selling videotape, "Girls With Low Self Esteem" invites you to enter his world.
    -- Arrested Development, Season III

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    Quote Originally Posted by RubenFan#205
    Okay.. let me tell you the reason.. probably the only reason why I dislike Tara so much.. is the fact that she fooled around with Alex and proceeded to vote him off the next day. It said a lot about her characters. in my opinon.
    Ah, but her fooling around with Alex was just for fun, had nothing to do with the show.

    On that note I have to leave this thread, it's getting to be offensively sexist sounding

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    Quote Originally Posted by totoro
    So I watched ET and all they showed was a quick flash of Tara and Charla posing on a bed wearing red bra/panties. Yeah, I'm a chick, but they looked hot. Charla looks tickled pink that they are doing the shoot!! I'll be looking for that issue when it hits the newstands!

    anyone know what issue to look for? Nov?

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    Quote Originally Posted by jayla_love
    anyone know what issue to look for? Nov?
    Only thing I've heard is "within the next couple of months."
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    I heard somewhere, I can't remember where now.. I read it before going to work last night and now my mind is gone

    Anyways, the December issue is what I heard.

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