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Thread: Room mate Summary

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    Room mate Summary

    I love reading these.

    From the official site ;

    Who's rooming with who this week? And who's the one sleeping alone?
    Keep track of the bed-hopping with this handy chart.

    WEEK 15

    The Monkey Room

    Miss Fickle strikes again. First she yells at Keith, then she sides with him against Dave. She loves Scott. She hates Scott. Holly had better take a definitive stand if she wants to win this.

    Mr. Honesty is the one every guy wants as a friend in Paradise. But for all his whitebread posturing, will he lose out to the savvy Keith and strategic Dave? Scott can smell his own desperation.

    The Blue Room

    Befriending Charla and sidling up to Keith have paid off big time: Taraís made it to the final week! Now, how will she repay Keith for all this loyalty and protection? That make-out session is probably some indicator.

    From his one decisive move to pick off Zack, Keith set in motion the full Barbie revolution and became the Man in Power at the End. Notice that he never told Scott that he would kick him out? THATíS politics.

    The Butterfly Room

    Aligning with Dave has gotten her this far. But Charlaís worried that his wormy ways will cost her the win. Tara may be her BFF, but the Barbie Buddy canít stand Dave.

    Has Dave alienated Keith enough to get himself (and Charla) booted in the final week? With Scott, Holly and Tara hating him, itís looking like 4 against 2.
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    Hehehe.. Monkey room.. God.. I miss Smokey.

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    Me too.
    He was a class act.
    "That's Numberwang!"

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