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Thread: Who will Keith vote off????

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    I also think that Holly and Scott are gone next week. I just don't see Keith voting off Charla. I think he will make explain to Scott and Holly that no matter what Dave has done to anger him, he cannot make Charla pay the price.

    However, it really ticked me off the way Dave just so smoothly implied to Holly that "Holly, your not going home." at lunch that day.I mean he just did not seem to hesitate or have any second thoughts(even though I know he would not vote to keep them), I mean I could not lie like that without some form of guilty expression creeping across my face. That' s what got me about Dave in the end. The ability to keep playing both sides without any guilty being displayed.

    I watched the final of BB4 and hated those two women that were in the finals, but at least they seemed to finally understand in the end that their scheeming and dishonest ways may not make any friends with the Jury. The winner understood that in order to win,she would need to take someone even less popular than her to the finals. Thats what she did and how she won.

    I don't think Keith has been anywhere near as shady as Dave.

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    I think he will vote of Holly and Scott he don't want break the pack. He don't know if Holly and Scott will turn on him after, since scott didnt care about them till he was just left from his pack.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Crazy4Paradise
    What does everyone think will happen?

    Scott and Holly gone?


    Dave and Charla gone???

    It totally could go both ways. Either way if Keith votes off either couple hell will break loose. I mean if Holly and Scott go....then well they will be pissed at Keith for not having their backs...and if Charla and Dave go...well they are breaking their pact. But I think that Dave has totally screwed Charla over if they go. because Dave has been lying the last few days and Charla has just been sitting back hearing all whats been going on. Also charla totally looked like she was going to cry, and then it showed scenes from next week and Tara was crying. So who knows!
    Ok, what I THINK will happen is Scott and Holly will leave paradise...forever. Now what I WANT to happen is Dave and Charla take the "walk of shame".

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    Quote Originally Posted by Yellow Apple
    Well I don't think they let students surf the net during school hours.

    Of course, back in my day Al Gore hadn't invented the internet yet...
    XD Al Gore.

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    I thin keith will vote me off........ ~~ok i'm drunk ~burp!

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    Imo there is no question that Keith will vote off Scott and Holly.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kaberlefan
    Imo there is no question that Keith will vote off Scott and Holly.

    I dont have any doubt either.
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    Me neither.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ohiomobprincess
    Oooohhh, what an interesting twist! I'd love it if Dave and Holly were voted off!

    i think there is going to be a twist. i think the twist will be like this.
    for example if keith picks scott and holly well amanda is going to said
    theres a twist and the twist is that like keith pick you too but u too
    are not leaving now u too can pick any couple that u will like to go and there going to pick tara and keith because they pick them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bebecheeks
    I think it's pretty damn obvious that Scott and Holly are going home. The producers just want to make it seem like Keith is hesitant on keeping Dave and Charla on board, but I'm definitely not convinced. They had an alliance with a goal to kick off all the originals, and Scott's the last remaining victim. But there's always that 1% chance...and right now I'm holding onto that for all it's worth. I would hate it if the two barbies got to the finals...uhhhh...*PLEASE BE A TWIST, PLEASE BE A TWIST!*

    remember charla is one of the originals too.

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