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Thread: Who will Keith vote off????

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    I hope Dave and Holly go!

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    he will stick with dave/charla simply for no other reason than tara would not want him to get rid of charla and he won't (imo). Also why would he want scott and holly to win, no matter how much guilt tripping scott pulls on him they have never been close really at all. but damn dave sure pissed me off last night with the comment to holly. the pandora's box comment, whatever, I thought keith was overreacting. but why he said that crap to holly I don't know, I think he was horny and trying to hook up with her or something but it was sure a stupid thing to say and it really screwed him and what credibility he had left

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kudzu_SC
    When someone like Dave plays "both ends against the middle" and gets confused in what he's told one pair vs. the other, then he has broken his origiinal pact....and anything goes. He's so confused he can't even argue logically with the others to defend himself!

    It seemed to me, looking at Charla's expression last nite, she realized the dunce that Dave had become and by doing so, had basically jeopardized her being in the finals. I don't think she thought too much of him and looked like she was biting her tongue from telling him so.

    Scott and Holly went out on a limb for Keith with their vote, and should be the selected pair.

    Dave, who blows every which way in the wind, would be a hard one to trust in the future. I think Dave is out for himself - and when the game is down to three couples, any alliances are hard to form. .
    I doubt that Keith would screw Charla because of Dave. I have a feeling that he is going to say, "Scott, I agree with everything you said, but I can't punish Charla for Dave's mistake. Furthermore, Holly is a raging witch, and I don't want her around\!" (at least I hope he says the end part of that!!!

    Quote Originally Posted by Kudzu_SC
    From what Amanda vaguely hinted at the show's end, and about next week's finale, it sounded like the two remaining pair will have to do something unusual - endurance, like run a marathon - to determine the final winner. Whatever it is, it's something that boils down to the "best man/woman wins". No more alliances for the home stretch.
    I doubt that they are going to have an enurance competation... This isn't survivor! All these people do is drink, hookup and backstab one another!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by funnygirl422
    I just said the same thing minus the above. There is only one person in this faction and that is Toni. Everybody else is too busy focusing all their anger on Keith...the Zackass killer.
    Great minds and all that eh Funny Girl? But I beg to differ. I would say that right now there would be more than just Toni in the Anti-Dave camp. Especially in light of last nights meltdown. When Dave was getting caught in his own lies within lies within lies I kept think of Faye Dunnaway in China Town.

    "She's my sister"
    "She's my daughter"
    "My sister"
    "My daughter"
    "She's my sister AND my daughter!"

    The others watching him in near hysterics are probably not his biggest fans at this point. I would think even Amy & Co are having second thoughts.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Daddio
    The others watching him in near hysterics are probably not his biggest fans at this point. I would think even Amy & Co are having second thoughts.
    But the OGs have access to the tapes. This means they will know what we know which is a lot of what was thought about Dave was untrue. They have footage of people taking things way out of context. Like the "I'm smarter than everyone here" comment. That's not what he said. One could say he intimated it, but that is NOT what he said. Not to mention that he was giving his biggest accusers props...oh wait, Zackass was in the middle of that accusation too...okay, I'll save it. Too easy.

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    The returning losers will not see the tapes of shows from Sept since even though the shows were airing the filiming was done.

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    It's a shame they have to be picked as a couple.

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    I think who Keith and Tara gave there power to shows who they will pick. I know Keith wants Holly gone no matter what and one little turn of events won't make him turn his back on Dave. I am almost positive that he will choose Dave and Charla just because I don't think he could do that to Charla because of a mistake dave made. Keith won't side with Scott since he has never been close to him and Holly and him have obviously not seen eye to eye. If Dave and Holly were a couple then it would be obvious who he picks...but I personally think he picks Dave and Charla because they gave their power to Charla.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Daddio
    Maybe there will be a twist (there been more twists on this show than at a Chubby Checker convention!) and Keith with have to indeed vote off a couple, but he will have the choice of choosing the couple of his own making by voting off one man and one woman.

    If that is the case, then he can vote off Dave and Holly, both of whom he has no love loss at this point.

    This would pave the way for a show-down of Charla/Scott vs. Keith/Tara...and IF the others guests who were voted off come back as some sort of jury, then Keith will have just bought himself some goodwill with the anti-Dave faction. And perhaps the old guests will also be able to target individuals to vote off as opposed to set couples.
    Oooohhh, what an interesting twist! I'd love it if Dave and Holly were voted off!

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    If the past guest jury rumor is true...then it is definetly buh-bye for Scott and Holly, because otherwise there would be no finale suspense...Scott and Holly would have the originals vote hands down!

    Keith will unfortuantly keep "deceiving dave" and "souless charla"

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