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Thread: Paradise Hotel 09/23 Recap – The Witch is Dead… but the Witch Hunt Continues

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    She'll be there when I'm gone... won't she?
    Quote Originally Posted by firegirl
    I am actually thinking the big prize, should Dave win, is going on extreme makeover!
    Way harsh, fg, but too true. Unfortunately, they don't give you a new personality on Extreme Makeover. Dave COULD be a nice guy... but his actions from day one on PH haven't shown me as much.
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    Jaded Otaku
    This is definitely the best recap I've ever read! So many awesome quotes, it's nice to go back and read all of this after watching. Nice job!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fierce Rooster
    I forgot to tape the show last night and missed the whole ordeal. Thank goodness Acme's gone. Keith will do the right thing and boot Scootty and his wench.

    Loved your summary, in some ways it was better than watching the show. Although I would have loooooooved to see Acme taking the walk of shame.
    You *do* know that acme means perfection, right?
    Sorry, I have a bit of a mischevious streak in me.

    I hope Holly doesn't win--her entire non-strategy was to attach herself to Scott.

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    Jaded, I LOVE the skanky Amy pic!!!!

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