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Thread: amy and scott radio interviews inside!

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    wierd maybe something was said in the interview that shouldn't have been said?

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    Quote Originally Posted by LaZy
    What in the world did they do to their site?

    Not only can I not find the new Dave interview, I can't find any of the PH interviews now!

    Well... This has been quite the annoyance.
    I Cant find anything on that sight either...but thanks to the transcribing, I get the gist of Daves interview. Thanks!!

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    Father Time lol
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    Quote Originally Posted by CharlaFan
    He is still friends with mostly everybody(he said he wouldn't mention to legality reasons names but he said Beau after)
    Maybe this is why the PH interviews were removed.

    Thank you for transcribing, CF!
    Big Brother 10 - Dan, Memphis

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    from the website:

    Paradise Hotel Interviews

    The Paradise Hotel interviews that were posted here have been so popular that our Web Provider's server shutdown from the number of downloads.

    The problem is currently being rectified and the Amy and Dave interviews will be available Friday morning by 4:00am Mountain Time.

    Sorry for the inconvenience.

    BJ & Shannon

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    i think amy cleared some stuff up. i think all the stuff she said about the editing was true.

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    we should make a interview thread just for links and stuff so no one missies anything.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Curtis
    i think amy cleared some stuff up. i think all the stuff she said about the editing was true.
    huh? amy didn't clear up a thing, not even her "that's one small step for man...holy sh*t, where'd all these huge holes come from?" face! editing cannot, i repeat, cannot, make you throw hissy fit after hissy fit after hissy fit when you are not actually doing it. it can omit things, but it cannot make you yell and scream and whine and cry :crybaby when you are not doing it! curtis, look at how many times we had to witness those sorry displays. it was often, and she was really mean to people! (wanting to poison food, watch people trip down stairs and hurt themselves, etc.) what poor character she displayed! and to blame it on editing and not even acknowledge her behavior after seeing it point blank on tape really shows that it was at least somewhat accurate.
    i hope her and zack enjoy their t-shirts. flouting their ignorance is nothing new to them.
    p.s. great idea on the interview thread this was nothing personal.

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    ofcourse they only showed her bad moments but you did hear keith say she was the most genuinly nice person he evet met and hugged her so i don't think she gave him hell his whole stay there now do you? they don't live their whole week on the island by that one hour.

    they are probabley wearing those shirts to make fun of the people that buy them. people say amy is sick for her deah threats that she said out of anger but people will go around with a shirt saying that they hate someone on a realty show. the people that made those shirts are sad.
    Last edited by Curtis; 09-25-2003 at 01:08 AM.

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    curtis, the people who made those shirts are trying to turn a popular opinion into cash. it's not sad, it's business. and seriously, no one is ranting and pissed off all the time. of course, amy has a decent side(who doesn't), but to threaten and scream and blow up 3 or 4 times a week is more than occasional, it's childish! if your girlfriend was nice most of the time, but screamed and cursed at you for 15 minutes every other day, would you tolerate it? and keith is a classy guy. (well, classier than me, at least.) why kick a girl when she's down? i'm sure keith would never in a million years attempt to be amy's friend after the show, but that doesn't mean that he can't be civil. but c'mon, curtis...amy egging zack on when he is acting like a 7th grade bully at dinner? her statements about enjoying physical harm she imagines keith going through? these are not made up things, these are things done in front of a camera. these are not the signature of a nice person

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    Amy interview

    Can anyone guess how many "you know"s are in the following? Sorry people if I have missed a couple of them.

    BJ: And here she is now on the BJ and Shannon experience. Good morning Amy!

    Amy: Hellllo. Hey guys I really am a nice person (laugh). Reality television sucks (laugh).

    Shannon: Has it been rough for you for the last little while?

    Amy: You know what, its, you know what, it it was rough, but when I look back at it it was just, it looked at lot bigger than it really was on television you know I mean I wish you guys (?) see a lot of people take reality television nowadays a little bit too seriously and they kinda (Amy takes a breath), live their lives by it and make it a really really big deal but, I mean (Amy takes a breath), I mean this show was actually really a documentary so, you know, there (high-pitched giggle from Amy) a fricken soap opera come on I didn't sign up for a soap opera I signed up for a friggen reality TV show. Amy laughs (sounds like a cry though).

    BJ: You know what though it is amazing how many people have just locked in to this program all over North America, I mean the website is crazy with message boarding and before we get to any of the real tough questions (Amy interrupts)

    Amy: Yeah it, the message board is like the high, the I Hate Amy club now (Shannon interrupts)

    Shannon: Have you logged onto the message board?

    Amy: Yeah, you know, I did a mistake and I logged on and see what (?) but you know I have to keep reminding myself that those are just like 12 year olds and 13 year olds that can't even spell their words right, sentence fragments, and, and, you know I mean that that really, people that have nothing better else to do with their lives they get on there and say hateful things to somebody you know. So I been on there a couple of times, I kinda take a look at it nnn it really wasn't worth my time you know.

    Shannon: Yeah Amy, its time for you not to go on there anymore, it's in your best interest. But to just...

    Amy: Yeah you know unless I'm on my own fansite, I Hate Amy, you know so.

    Shannon: Lets just clear up some questions right off the bat that have been on the website. Its your chance. Question number 1; Is Zack dead or alive?

    Amy: Zack is very much so alive and that's actually the probably the most real thing that did happen on national television was him and I, I mean we're together we went out and got our own place and things (Shannon shocking sigh) yeah we live together now. (Shannon sounds likes she is going to have a heart attack) We are I mean its its seriously its "undiscoverable?", I mean how it happened on television and how it progressed and how it is to now, we've just, we've grown, our relationship has a great foundation.

    B.J. He really is your paradise?

    Amy: OMG he's my LIFE.

    Shannon: Amy, that was really icky when you said that.

    Amy: What?

    Shannon: Zack is my paradise. Laugh.

    Amy: You know what, I could two s#$% what other people say because it sucks, no it sucks so bad.

    B.J: Tell us something about Zack that we would not have seen, because obviously Zack was shown in a very bad light on the show as well.

    Amy: You know what, towards the end I was shown in a very bad light and that's not even half my personality, that's not even my character, and you know and its just you just gotta take, you know gotta take what you're given, you know, unfortunately, you know, I mean, towards the end there wasn't anybody left really in the hotel that gave him much but they wanted to see me, come on, are you going to tell me that you were really going to sit down and tune into Paradise Hotel if Tara and I are playing Barbies and having a tea party? I mean are you kidding me? Laugh.

    Shannon: Excellent point. Laugh.

    B.J: No, good point.

    Amy: You know what I mean, I mean of course not. What they want to see, they want to see drama they want to see people fighting, they want to see people crying all that great stuff that you know. Laugh. That's one thing about having the biggest crush on somebody.

    Shannon: OK Amy.

    Amy: Oh yes back to Zack and I. We're together and we're happier than every, than ever, and, and I mean really things couldn't be going any better, we're planning out, you know, our future and (B.J. interrupts)

    B.J: While we're on the topic of Zack, you've obviously seen all the shows up until now, you know the kind of light under which you have been shown and Zack's been shown. What about, because everybody wants to know, were you upset about the stuff Zack did at the beginning where he kissed everybody?

    Amy: Well I mean, you know, in the very beginning, I mean, of course things weren't, you know, obviously between how they are between Zack and I now. Um in the beginning, you know, Zack and I weren't together and even we were kinda looked at it Beau and Amanda's situation how they were labeled as like the married couple on the show and just the couple that, I mean, the show was just the Beau and Amanda show for a while. Zack and I, you know, we like talked are we were like we did not want to be like them, we did not want to be labeled as something like that on national television and in the very beginning Zack and I both decided as far as feelings-wise I just got out of a ficken long relationship and that's the last thing I wanted and he was just not really even the relationship type at all so, I mean, so, I pretty much say that was something we had, you know, sat down and talked we did not, so, you know, you go off and do your thing and I'll go off and do mine and, you know what, the one thing that does matter is, you know, if you do something come and tell me first before I hear it from somebody else. And every time it happened what they did not show is he always came and told me right away. Laugh. (I think this was the foundation Amy was speaking about earlier)

    Shannon: He came and told you when he kissed somebody else all the time?

    Amy: Yeah I mean yeah, I mean. Laugh.

    Shannon: That's quite a relationship, that's excellent (you know she is mocking Amy)

    Amy: I mean, I mean of course they are not going to show that kind of stuff, they gonna show like he's going behind my back and doing it and it was nothing like that all. You know, it was very mutual, I mean everything in the beginning was just kinda laid back you know. We're here, you know, we're in this fabulous place with these great people and why not live it up have a good time, we're young (whippersnappers), you know, but, I mean what they did not show was not that simple thing was that we did ask each other if you're going to go do something (like rob a bank) just let the other person know before you hear it from somebody else (like the police).

    Shannon: When you look back on the tapes of the show, has it changed your perception of anyone on the show? Who are you most surprised with?

    Amy: Um I mean, its pretty much, I mean, you can say that I'm not surprised with anybody that was ever my friend on the show. (I'm falling asleep now)

    B.J. Plays clip of Amy blowing up at Keith.

    B.J: I mean that wasn't just in the editing Amy that you YOU!

    Amy: Yeah no that was all me (and I'm proud of it) Laugh. That was all me but I will admit it that I took the Keith thing a little bit too far.

    B.J: What's your biggest regret from being on the show?

    Amy: I mean I don't necessarily think its a regret, you know, because, there were a LOT of great times that were never ever shown, you know, and that cause that kinda the crappy thing is to go back and watch tapes and see, you know what, no wonder why these viewers and people that are watching this, why are you like this, you know, I mean, because it was never shown like all the great times we had.

    B.J. Give us an example of a great time.

    Amy: I mean, at the very beginning, I mean, it was just a party everyone was just (laugh)

    B.J. Before the back stabbing began.

    Amy: They're not going to show us hanging out in the pool, sitting (she could have said the S-word here I'm not sure) on our floaties, you know, cracking jokes and making fun of people and just the stupidest moments and all our drunken times, the falling and slipping down the stairs.

    Shannon: Were you raised by a pack of wolves? (B.J. laughs hysterically)

    Amy: I mean, I guess, if you say that if you categorize growing up on a farm yeah I was raised by a pack of wolves.

    Shannon: Are you pregnant?

    Amy: Oh you know, I mean, you know, yeah I'm pregnant, you know, whatever. Nah you know, you know I gained some weight on the show, I mean, come on there wasn't anything else you could do besides eat.

    Shannon: OK so you're not pregnant?

    Amy: Nope no pregnant there.

    Shannon: Have you...

    Amy: No

    Shannon. or are you currently undergoing a sex change operation? (B.J. laughs hysterically)

    Amy: Well you know what, you know I have considered it, you know, oh you know of course not. (laugh)

    Shannon: Does Toni have a penis?

    Amy: (laugh) I am under contract I really can't say.

    B.J. Wait wait, and if she does is it Dave's? (Shannon hits an object laughing)

    Amy: You people are so mean I cannot get over this. You know what, can I just clear this up, Toni is, she is a sweetheart. She's a great person.

    B.J. Are you still in touch with a lot of the people that were on the show with you?

    Amy: Um the majority of the people I do keep in contact with, everyone from Arizona, you know of course, Beau, Kristen and Alex. And I do talk to Toni once everyday um everybody besides I mean you know Scott I talk to, yeah, I mean everyone that I was friends with on the show yes I do talk with.

    B.J. But not the people that you weren't?

    Amy: Well I mean if they called me I would say hey what's up I mean I don't have any animosity or bitterness towards anyone, you know, but I'm not going to hang out with them, you know, and go to their birthday parties and stuff.

    Shannon: So you're not friends with anyone that would surprise us?

    Amy: Right. Exactly who I was on the show as far as who my friends were, it's exactly the same now, you know, I mean that's the things I didn't get with people. (I'm falling asleep again).

    Shannon: What did your mom say when she saw that you and Zack were working the headboard?

    Amy: Well you know what, she was, she was a little in denial at first. (everyone laughs)

    Shannon: One more question. Does your mom like Zack after she watched him on the show?

    Amy: My mom loves Zack, because Zack, because again Zack was shown in a bad light and he's not, that's the last thing, he's not that person, he's a great person, I wish everybody could have seen that.

    B.J: Does he know 50 guys?

    Amy: uh?

    Shannon: And does he really have lawyer in him?

    Amy: There's this cool website you can go on and there's a shirt in there that you can buy that says I got lawyer in me and there's another shirt you can buy that says I hate Amy and we both took the initiative to buy one of each and we're going to wear it to our next public, um.

    B.J. Just don't put on the wrong ones.

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