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Thread: If You Had a Weekend Pass to Paradise

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    Hey CharlaFan--Zack is hot--if his mouth was taped shut.
    Maveno--Im from NOR Cal too...

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    I'd hook up with Alex or Andon! I'm a sucker for guys with dark hair!

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    Zach - Why are you such a Jackass?
    Amy - Why are you such a byatch?
    Toni - At what point are you going to get off the steroids?
    Kristin - Why are you such a skanky ho?
    Beau - Whats 2 x 2?
    Andon - What was it that Dave misunderstood about you dont like him?
    Alex - Howd it feel to be played by Tara, sucker?
    Dave - how do you put up with these a-holes?
    Charla - Whats your digits?
    Tara - Whats your digits?
    Keith - How do you keep your composure?
    Deseree - No question for you just f off
    Tom - one word - smokey? what the hell is that all about?
    Holly - why so insecure?
    Melanie - nice rack, I guess thats not a question
    Scott - dont interest me enough for any questions
    Kavita - Whats your digits?

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    Quote Originally Posted by funnygirl422
    If you had a weekend pass to Paradise......
    I wouldn't go! Not when I know I would be sleeping on Amy and Zack's love juice overnight!

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    I would ask Amy if she would meet me in the pool room... and beat her ass!

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