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Maybe the voted out cast play a part in who gets voted out at the end, but they vote "unknowingly" as to what will happen. As was the case with the questionairre they filled out. Remember how they were asked who their friends were, and then the voted out person had to take one of their own friends? That kind of twist!

I think the twist will come with the last two couples. Maybe they have to switch partners, or the partner they are with is the one that gets voted off. For example, if Keith/Tara and Charla/Dave are the last two couples, maybe they have to switch with each other in some weird twist, or the voter has to vote off their partner due to a previous questionairre and then switch and boot the opposite sex off; which will make them the "ultimate winner".

I feel as though Charla and Keith are the most deserving, therefore I hope they end up together in some twisted way at the end!
That's not a bad prediction. Maybe the jury will somehow have o decide without really knowing how they are deciding.