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Thread: What you may not know - Tara & Keith were hired?

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    Quote Originally Posted by annabel6969
    It's possible that too much is being read into it...like I said, I don't have undeniable proof. But I find it hard to believe that FOX would leisurely sit back and let the chips fall where they may when they have BILLIONS OF DOLLARS invested from the advertisers who tend to pull their ads when ratings are low.
    "Billions?" Maybe over the course of all of their shows for an entire year. I promise you they don't have anywhere close to "billions" of dollars invested in PH advertising. Ads for that show probably run closer to around $50-75,000

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    starry night
    If this is "scripted" the writers need to be fired. I agree Anna. Tara and Keith are way too relaxed to be just "regular" guest. They never get upset when attacked as if they have nothing to lose. Why else would be be so "hooked" up. It makes perfect sense. I think we knew from the beginning about Toni - she is a professional "reality" show contestant. She was put there for drama and nothing else. She served her purpose and was sent away. Her exit caused just as much drama. Anna I agree that you are right on the nose!

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