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Thread: Something interesting **Possible Spoilers**

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    fortunately no!!!

    but i was surprised at all of these (Except about keith and toni)

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    So, Eve, who was the PHer that said it? (if revealing would be a spoiler then you can use the spoiler function).

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    if i had to guess i would go with Alex, there seemed to be alot of clips with him and Keith talking normally(if you looked in the background).

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    scott (i dont know him but heard from someone who does)

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    I'm tired of defending Dave. So just make up your own "in defense of Dave" post and pretend that it's right here---->

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    Quote Originally Posted by Paprika
    I believe all the crappery is mutual. She has to put up with a lot of his crap, too, including his assuming that because she's rooming with him he automatically has a gorgeous girlfriend.

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    Quote Originally Posted by amandas
    I have a source who came back 3 weeks ago from the actual filming. Fox basically didn't know what the hell they were doing so they went along with whatever came up and seemed "eye catching" And I also know the prize.
    Sure you do. I wouldn't take too much stock in the posts of this person. I could come on here and say "omg there's a twist at the end" and then later say Amanda is the winner. Oh, by the way, I know this because I am a camera operator on the show, no wait, my sister is an exexutive producer.

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    Quote Originally Posted by amandas
    I dont expect people to beg, and I don't want to give out the outcome, I know a lot of you just want to see for yourselves. Which is why I havent blurted out everything.
    And because you're full of it.

    Anyone who has ever watched a reality show before, knows that FOX would NEVER have two couples win. That's how I know this person is a liar. You would basically be declaring the game a tie, which does not make for interesting TV. People do not want to see two couples win, they want to see one couple win. They want to see people get beaten.
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    Actually, the twist at the end is that Zack comes back to tell Amy he's pregnant with her child.

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    Quote Originally Posted by stargazer401
    So, is this all speculation or do you have an inside leak?

    I do believe that there is an inside leak beacause last week i read in here
    that Desiree and melanie were leaving and i thought it was speculation,but
    obviously it wasn't. so someone definitely has the inside scoop!

    But how can 2 couples win???

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