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Thread: Dramatic Voiceover Guy

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    Quote Originally Posted by Silverstar
    He's the same DVG as in American Idol!
    He should win "the ultimate prize!"

    & he needs his own thread. Nothing gets me as pumped for PH as hearing "Last time.......On Paradise Hotel......"

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    I just love the dramatic pauses he gives when he does the previews or promos.

    Last time (Pause) On Paradse Hotel (pause) Charla!!!!! (Pause).......

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    His pauses remind me of the dude who does the HBO boxing promo's, not Larry Merchant, the promo dude (vargas has knocked out 16 of his last 17 opponnents, will this trend continue tonight?? ... etc) haha!! dude rules

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    Is this the guy everyone usually calls "FOX Reality Show Voice Guy"? You know... "Joe Millionaire", "Mr. Personality", "Glutton Bowl"... the promos/intros ALWAYS sound like the same guy.

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