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Thread: POLL: Barbies or OG? List your age...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kitschwitch
    I'm for the Barbies, I'm 37, and the fact that I watch this show is my greatest shame. I am now going to take a shower and wash off the stench.
    I hear you. I admitted to my family that I watched this show and I got the most blank, stone faced stares...yeep. At least there's something of a support group here...

    Oh, and I'm pro "Barbies", I guess (even though I have a real problem calling Dave a Barbie...) and I'm 31 for the next 31 days.

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    Dangit, I was mostly reading this thread to see how old YA is! Ha!

    Barbies, and I'm 35. I'm thrilled to see so many 30somethings on this forum.

    Quote Originally Posted by oneTVslave
    :I didn't find Keith particularly hot when I first saw him, but have found him more and more attractive as time has gone on - because of his attitude and maturity (and his body ain't too shabby ). At first, I thought Beau was pretty good-looking, but as time goes on, he has become less attractive to me - because he is an immature moron!
    Sorry to diverge, but I just have to agree. The only reason I even started watching this show at all (the week Keith came on) was because I accidentally saw the opening, and was stunned at Beau's resemblance to an ex of mine - right down to the soul patch. Beau is an even better looking version of the ex, being taller, more muscular, and with that big toothpaste-commercial smile.

    So as I watched, I just kept thinking of the ex and how freaky the resemblance was. But the instant Beau opened his mouth the resemblance started to dissapear. By the first time he left I didn't think they looked so alike anymore. Now I can hardly see the "stunning" resemblance at all.

    Meanwhile, Keith, whom I found not so attractive at first, has been looking better and better!

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    OG's 19

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    Could you please list who you are rooting for and your age....

    Barbies all the way; 34 in 5 days!

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    Barbies Definately.......mostly Charla and Keith..
    I'm 25

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    looking for a deal on evilBay
    Quote Originally Posted by Yellow Apple
    Substance... to counter my lack thereof, I guess.

    I was going for Holly because she seems like the only girl there dumb enough to go out with me.
    Aw! so not true!! I think YAngie would jump at the chance, she likes you Dave types.
    "Education's purpose is to replace an empty mind with an open one."

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    The Barbie Team - The Fab 4

    I'm 30

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    DCTK fan and 31 years old. boyfried also a DCTK fan he's 28.

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    What the? (to the dude who is 93)

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    She'll be there when I'm gone... won't she?
    Quote Originally Posted by Duxxy
    Aw! so not true!! I think YAngie would jump at the chance, she likes you Dave types.
    Well, it's like that country song, isn't it? Some (read, most) girls don't like boys like me...

    ah, but some girls do. Just not any around here, apparently.

    If I wasn't such a lazy-ass, I'd move.

    Posted by flotsette - Today at 11:32 AM
    Dangit, I was mostly reading this thread to see how old YA is! Ha!
    Ha! And reveal part of the Apple mystique? NEVER!
    R.I.P Willie Dog (?/?/1989-12/17/2004). Gone but never forgotten.

    Welcome Zelda (and a hot of other names)! (Born 08/08/2005, adopted 10/08/2005)

    Also welcome Shasta! (Born ?/?/2004, Adopted 03/??/07)

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