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Thread: 9/15 Recap - We couldn't be more rigged if we tried!

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    Quote Originally Posted by duckgirl
    The girls are all clueless on how to prepare the food..
    But honestly those girls act like they have never been in a kitchen setting. I think the producers said, "free botox injections for the most clueless cook"
    Zack has apparently died
    come to think of it, didn't that slab of "pork" look human? Do you think Zack
    was the main course?

    I know.....booo hiss

    P.S. great recap.

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    Great recap Duckgirl. I laughed through the whole thing. I really wish your powers worked with Keith's towel. That would have been the best thing that happened on the whole show.

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    The cooking bit was awful, wasn't it? Although to be honest, I've cooked a fair share in my life and I didn't recognize the "meats". Well, except the hot dogs. That was pretty easy.

    And how on earth do you mess them up????

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    Another wonderful recap Duckgirl. We need to have a raffle to see who gets to stalk Keith first!

    Quote Originally Posted by duckgirl
    Dave and Tara are predicting what everyone is going to write on their cards. They call pretty much every one, except Tom, who they are way off on. They have no idea where hes really aligned with.
    Okay, I did this myself at home. I'm starting to think like Dave and Tara now. About midway through I thought what's the use, there's going to be some twist anyway.

    Quote Originally Posted by duckgirl
    Beau, Amy and Tom hold a funeral for Desiree. They talk about how good people always get sent home, and clips of Amanda and Zack leaving are shown. The Amanda I can buy, but the Zackass is not what I would call a good person. But the three of them seem to think so.
    I don't understand how these two people deserve this moment especially Desiree. I wanted Charla to yell out "buh-bye" as they were walking passed her. Oh well. Also, is Mr. Foreshadow available for birthday parties, bah mitzvahs, bachelorette parties? He's a lot of fun on this show.

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    Guys are always at their hottest when half covered by blankets! Especially if they're in your bed!

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    That had to be the worst attempt at 'cooking' I have ever seen. Making a hot-dog is even easier than boiling water! Whats up with these girls? I know grilling on a barbeque isnt every girl's forte but if they had spent a tenth of the effort on cooking as they do on putting on makeup every day the meal could have been edible. At least Tara stuck to something she knew she could make rather than poking at the meat randomly with a knife or making quacamole with saliva-covered fingers. Sheesh.

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    Great recap Duck...laughed throughout the whole thing..Yeah it's an excellent idea if Keith ever calls me Babe~!!!

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    Dave apologizes for what he did, but Scott is still acting like Dave suggested killing all the babies in Mexico. Of course, later Scott says that the person playing the game the sneakiest will win. Whatever, double standard boy.
    Scott comes in and Amy asks who he wants gone, C or T. Wow, the CIA should totally hire Amy to invent a super secret code that no one could crack
    Amy already thinks shes a winner and starts to cry, but shes just so terrible I stopped paying attention and am dragging my nails down a chalkboard because its more pleasant than listening to her.
    Ducky, that was so excellent! I wanted to quote every foreshadowing line too, but that would have left me with a page-long post. You rule.

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    Excellent recap. mmmmm.... snarky goodness....

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    Great job Ducky! Next time see if you can slip Foreshadowy guy some bucks and have him liberate Keith's towel
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