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Thread: Previews(ie Hints) for Next Show

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    Quote Originally Posted by ruben_of_205
    See... here is the problem.. you think that Charla meant it as a joke, I disagreed with it completely. I think Charla was dead serious when she said that. If you said.. Charla said this because she is mentally unstable.. I will accept that.. becasue the comment about "how well you can hear the mosquito at night when you are crazy" really freak me out.

    They did ? when did they ever brought that subject up ?

    Yes.. what she said right in front of his face were from in the very beginning.. so I would understand.. because they didn't know each other then.. but now.. Charla claimed that Dave as her "best friend" and still proceed to diss him behind his back. that is a big no no.
    IMO, I feel the "psycho" comment was not a mean spirited insult. If she has continued to rant and rave about his psychoness then I would have to say that , that comment was uncalled for. But it was under her breathe and I can't even begin to tell you how many times I have hung up from a phone call and said a comment under my breathe about a friend of mine that I just spoke to. Did I mean it as a insult? No. I was letting off steam and that was the end of it. And the mosiquito comment I feel is her sense of humor. She is very sarcastic and has a dry sense of humor. So I disagree with your frightened outlook on that comment. I thought it was quite funny. Don't get me wrong she is drama but at least she is aware of her drama and has a sense of humor.

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    something that shocked me reading this thread, noone mentioned BEAU getting revenge on DAVE...afterall they all gave their money to Dave to vote off in essence Beau might want revenge...

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