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Thread: 9/15 Show Discussion **Spoilers**

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    Curtis~ What are a you talking about? I dont know anything about a picture. All I know is that "picking your ally" thing was a set up. It's more excrutiating for the guests to pick a friend then an enemy. You'd have to be blind to not have seen that coming.

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    As I posted last week Holly is still acting like Scott's harping wife (and will continue to do so as long as he lets her I'm guessing). It is quite obvious that to Holly no matter what happens it's all about Holly. (I did so love watching her squirm when Mel circled Scott at the roomate selection). Mel you should have picked Scott. Yet, only slightly in Holly's defense , Scott talking about her not asking about how he felt about Mel leaving blah, blah, blah. How the hell is she supposed to feel? What is she going to say , your right I should have left instead? Zack is gone Scott , don't take up the mantra dude.

    About the ally and rival thing... the Barbies had the upperhand from the get-go on that one because of their numbers. With a mere four in their allience it left them with the ability to have a non-member of their group as an ally and as a rival. So if it had been one of them to make the decision (either way) any of them could have gotten rid of some one that was not integral to their group. Once again the Originals did not think. They seem to forget on a daily basis that there are twists and surprises all the time. They would have done much better to "stack their deck" so to speak and use their brains instead of overly dramatic emotions. (I would like to think that the Barbies would have done this if the numbers thing hadn't been an issue -I don't know).

    Unfortunately I'm thinking that Our Dave might be leaving on Wed (I would much rather Tom, Beau , or Scott ). My thoughts are that although they all hate Keith for booting Zack , twice (Yes I just love saying it), they hate Keith for pretty much that reason alone (Amy has even said as much). Dave on the other hand is a much bigger threat to them (as they have said, Scott is the only one that picked Keith as a rival [I believe]). So with their new found purpose of finally starting to play the game he will be more than likely their target. I also think this because Dave has been getting huge amounts of airtime and Keith has not been getting much in the last couple of weeks. I know that Dave is regarded as the underdog makes good kinda guy, as he should be, but Keith is regarded as the hero for booting Zack (twice) [there I go again] and giving the Originals some of their own medicine. FOX could very well keep that in mind while figuring what to throw at them all next. If in fact the jury vote by former guests is actually what it is going to come down to the Barbies are much better off with Dave lobbying to the other guests to vote for the remaining Barbies. Keith is great at the game but recruiting and lobbying is definately Daves bag, not his.

    So here are my thoughts for next elimination :
    If one guy goes Dave maybe Tom (but I think to obvious)
    If two guys go Dave & Scott or Dave & Beau
    If one guy and one girl go Dave & Amy (this would fulfill the Keith gets revenge thing , if he is the one to get revenge that is). Also this would be likely if Dave gets eliminated and he gets to choose his roomates rival to go too.

    As I said I would much rather others be eliminated but I agree with the good vs evil final so I think it is the Barbies turn to take a hit.

    I try hard to not post too often because when I do I usually have soooo much to say. Sorry I run long.. Thanks for humoring me
    Happy 1ST Anniversary FORT

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chick
    Curtis~ What are a you talking about? I dont know anything about a picture. All I know is that "picking your ally" thing was a set up. It's more excrutiating for the guests to pick a friend then an enemy. You'd have to be blind to not have seen that coming.
    Well, I'm not saying you're wrong per say. But you can't say we're stupid or blind for not seeing that seemingly coming out of nowhere (yes, I didn't see that one as you have expected it)

    .....becoz if this show wasn't on FOX or it wasn't so heavily scripted or edited or whatever you choose to believe.... I'm sure the envelope would read "rival" instead of "ally" and either C or T is out the door forever. It's only logical and "fair" becoz why would a "fair" game show pick out a certain group for termination one by one, week after week (whether the group are "newbies" or "originals"?) I said time and time again, anything goes on this show! The direction of PH can go any conceivable way..... just as it could've been written "rival" instead of "ally" telling if it was coming or not.

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    you know and I know...
    As much as I'm hopelessly addicted to this's pissing me off.
    I'm so sick to death of Beau's big mouth and Amy's crater face I'm ready to throw a brick in my t.v.
    These people are so completely ignorant it blows my mind. I can't believe these are "real" people. Was this the search for the dumbest human beings on the planet? I think so!
    Oh, and what the hell was up with Beau and the "it's not personal, it's a game" crap?

    I really need to stop watching this show...
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    Anemic Dog
    I'm not sure we should count Scott and Holly as anywhere near as annoying as Amy and Zack. Or worry about age differences that aren't even mildly shocking anyway.

    After all, Scott and Holly aren't running around touting their relationship as the greatest love ever known. Scott isn't kvetching about having trouble with women because his mom abandoned him at a soap-box derby.

    They're pretty much just bed-buddies. Scott has made that clear, and Holly understands, though she seems to want more. No chance of them being together once they re-enter reality.

    When you go to paradise, the goal isn't to find the best chess partner or enter the debating contest, it's to have some fun. And Holly seems like a good enough conquest from that perspective, as long as you don't have to keep her or actually listen to what she says.

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    just watched the show, not read the quizzotes or any other shizzit here ... first off lmao at that cupcake dez calling an avacado a 'guacamole', like she has any idea what the hell is going on ... yeah that is some ketchup (as keith pulls out a tomato) she is weak, put her on Jenny Jones and let Rude Jude have a couple rounds with her, that is, IMO, her place in pop culture ... ok the ep goes deeper than that I guess ... it was fun stuff. So glad that the barbs got another chance, they deserve it. I have lots of stuff to harp on but i will not ... just glad to see that the prognostications came true and 2 of the worst girls did the bye-bye ... oh hits from the seventies? i love the 70's(whistles the hits from the 70's theme) do the bye bye ... weds show will rule.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wolf
    Well looks like Melanie had a grudge against Charla just because she was kicked out by her during one of those early shows. For a 30 year old, that is pretty weak and childish excuse, even though, she still acts more mature than Holly and Amy.

    Two for the Price of one was a nice twist. I would've loved to have seen Holly and Drama Queen Amy leave, but Melanie and Desiree were still a good pick to go. I felt Desiree was trying too hard to fit in.

    Man, this show has really drawn me in. I've already taken a dislike to the Amy, Beau, Holly, and Desiree.
    I dont think she really had a grudge against Charla. I think she didnt know who else to pick as a rival. She was only on the show for a week the first time and a week this time. She didnt have enough time to have any rivals or allies.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Paprika
    Dave's "I hate this" sounds like he was saddled with some type of decision.

    Definitely agree, Dave has some power decision to make on Wed.

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    Well, if only one guy has to leave next, I think the smartest thing would be to eliminate Beau. Though we all know he's without brains, and obnoxious, that's not my reasoning. If Beau gets kicked off next, then Amy would be more vulnerable.

    Of course, that's just my wishful thinking. And perhaps it wouldn't work, because Tom could go to her rescue to save himself - doesn't she just seem to collect all this protection?

    Too bad the couples seem to now be forced to stick together. I still want Keith with Charla. I wonder what he'd do if he had to choose roommates between them, at this point.

    Still, I'm thrilled Desiree is gone. Wed. should be interesting. Let's hope the producers don't stack the next twist against the Barbies.

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    She'll be there when I'm gone... won't she?

    OK, I admit...

    ...that I'm a lazy bastard and I'm not reading through 19 pages to post my comments on last night's show. Chances are that someone else has already mentioned what I'm going to say anyway. So, that having been said:

    I really wanted to jump through the TV screen and show those girls how to cook. If I was one of the guys there, I would have had to tell them all to sit down, and that I was taking over. Good Lord, that was horrible to watch.

    Not really much else I was going to say, except that whoever posted that spoiler about Des and Mel leaving was pretty much all over it, except for the twist where Mel had to choose between Desiree and Amy.

    Poor Mel. Two weeks, two evictions. She's gotten less air time than Smokey. But, I think she knew she was gone no matter who she chose, so it really wasn't a good situation for her to begin with.

    Regarding Holly and Scott's age difference, all I have to say is, Scott's the man! A good friend of mine married a girl who's 6 years younger than he is (he's 27, she's 21) and they're perfectly happy, so I don't see a problem. Besides, my love for younger women is well-publicized on this forum anyway.
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