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Thread: Fave Quotes so far

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    Everyone's already mentioned the great ones by that Einstein in sweatbands Zack, plus Toni's many embarrassingly funny lines, but here are some of the others that I remember laughing at for some reason:

    Kristen jokingly calling herself a "bitter bitch" - she doesn't even realize how accurate this was

    Charla commenting from another table that "Dave doesn't like to be shushed" when Desiree told him to shut up.

    I'm sure someone already said it, but I still remember lmao at Beau repeatedly telling Toni "You are so beautiful" when she was whining about turning 30.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jjankechu
    [Dave to Beau, who is accusing him of talking behind his the same table, right in front of him]

    "But you HEARD me."
    That's a good one. That drove me nuts when Beau jumped Dave like that. Beau is so stupid.......

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    Let's face it....PH is more quotable than the Holy Grail.

    My favorite, the one that provoked the most emotional response, was........

    When Keith was sick in bed and Tara brought him a PBJ......"Thanks, Babe." I'm melting.....I'm melting....

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    Since I was sick today, I watched a little bit of one of my tapes and came up with these goodies:

    Toni: "My instincts are back up, and I mean they are BACK UP."

    Beau: (to Amy) "Cause this kid knows when I'm being used, or people really wanna be my roommates for a certain reason."

    Keith: (after toni gets voted off) "What happened was bad, it was real bad. But I can guarentee you this.. it's going to get a million times worse."

    Tom: "Why am I always the first retard down here?"

    Alex: "The whole originals thing is starting to fall apart, its like a sinking boat and if you stay on that boat you're going to sink with it.. but if its going down you gotta abandon ship while you can."
    (Then a flashback clip of Alex)
    "I don't care if I am the only original left, I'm going to say I'm sticking with the originals."
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    Quote Originally Posted by alleria
    Toni: "My instincts are back up, and I mean they are BACK UP."
    Nothing a little slamfest of Draino can't solve. I'll get a cup, Toni. Hang on.

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    LOL or you know.... she could just lay off the cheese.... and the whine oh i mean wine
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