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Thread: Paradise Hotel: 9/10 Episode - The Good, The Bad, and The Down Right Nasty

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    Beau selects his ‘best friend’s girl”, Amy. She prances over like a gazelle, and says something in a chipmunk voice. I hope she doesn’t think that her baby talk is sexy because it’s more annoying than nails on a chalkboard.

    Something about, “Who are You? My father?”. I expected Dave to say, “yeah, I'm your Daddy?”.

    Desiree asks about 10 times, “So is Dave in Love with Charla?” Girl, what happened to your case-solving skills? I guess it was a one-time fluke.

    Beau say’s he is not bitter at all. We’re shown clips of Beau acting all psychotic after he came back. So much for telling the truth.

    Great job Wolf.

    Your first time watching and you have everyone very accurately pegged
    "That's Numberwang!"

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    Super recap, Wolfie!

    This visual is hilarious:
    Desiree salivates like a rabid skunk at the thought of Charla breaking down.
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