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Thread: Spoilers Of Who goes next!!

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    A different interpretation of the picture:

    Tom seems... maybe frustrated?
    Holly & Scott look uncomfortable.
    CDKT look tense... well, Tara and Charla do, anyway.
    It's just hit Beau that it will likely be Melanie going home.
    Amy is just standing there like a dip sh*t, too stupid to realize any of her people are in jeopardy.

    Here's a shot in the dark:
    They are still in the process of selection, explaining why Des and Mel aren't shown. Even though Des is first in line-up, they told her that she has to pick LAST. Being that Tom is the only one left, and Melanie can pick before Desiree, Tom is a little freaked thinking Melanie will come to him and so will Desiree, putting him in the sore position of sending one of them home. However, Scott and Holly are paranoid that Melanie will walk over to them, hence their looks of discomfort. Beau and Amy look less than happy (though I still think Amy's stupidly smiling--maybe the resolution on my computer) because they've realized that one of their posse will be leaving, no matter how you play the cards. I'm still thinking that the twist is that the evicted guest gets to pick someone of their choice to leave with them--which could be why DCKT aren't looking super happy, either.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kymmerz
    I posted the following on another thread discussing this same thing...see below...but, I paused my tape on the point where the contestants are coupled up and it is clear that Mel and Des are not in the well as, Scott, Beau and Tom all have their heads bowed at the same time...I assume in disgust

    while the scenario is reaching at best...looking at the is obvious that Mel and Des are not paired up in the second pic....the interesting thing about it is...that the pic with the girls lined up shows Des by Amanda first in line followed by Amy and then Mel...Amy is coupled up with Beau which leads me to believe that the selection has taken, it could be very likely that Mel and/or Des are they are eliminated may be the mystery
    In this picture, CDTK look unhappy. Do they look happy in the video clip? The picture is so fuzzy, I can't REALLY tell.

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    I could swear I read/saw/dreamt that 1 person leaves Monday but 2 leave on Wednesday. And 2 people leave on each of the remaining episodes.

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    I do believe it must have been a dream, Jaycee. Actually, forget theories, rewinds, etc. At they come right out and say in a tiny box for the show (at least they did late last night) that "2 people are going home on Monday"! And, I believe on the show they said someone will be going home on every show now til the end. So, 2 will go Monday and at least one on Wed. Anything beyond those facts, IMO, is pure speculation.

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    Thankyou Bellenote thats what I heard DVm say also. 2 leaving on Monday, but 3 would be gone by the end of the week and one person would be leaving on every upcoming show.
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    Who goes next?

    Do you think Tom's decision to select Tara over Desiree was a good hunch? Will she have special power at the next roommate selection since she was isolated?

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    Quote Originally Posted by 50guys
    I would like to add to this point that it is conceivable that the pictures may be manipulated. No source is stated and why is it that this individual only has two of them and no-one else appears to have any at all?
    One thing i will say about this show is the editing is great and suspenseful but on occasions the previews have sort of given hints to what may go down. It was really bad at the beginning where you could tell which person gets voted on even before the voting took place due to previews. The last major mistake i remember them doing was the elimination after casino night. Keith and dave were basically at the end of the lines(which gave away who won casino night most likely).

    My guess is the producers threw out this lil clip(and its not manipulated) because they knew somebody would notice and it sort of would cause people to talk.

    It will only do good for ratings knowing that 2 people from amy's group MIGHT go. Basically the DCKT group has been hit hard the past couple weeks and seems alot of people are frusterated, giving out a lil hint like this could be the producers way to give us hope and get those frusterated viewers to turn in monday.

    If it does go down those are the 2 that do go people will be happy. Personally i am curious how they will get it off those 2 particular people if they do get voted off.
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    Quote Originally Posted by 50guys
    Excellent point.

    I would like to add to this point that it is conceivable that the pictures may be manipulated. No source is stated and why is it that this individual only has two of them and no-one else appears to have any at all?
    Actually I was on the FOX board when this whole conversation was taking place - from what I can gather, those pics are simply frozen frames of the promos for next week, the posts kept getting deleted from the fox boards so somebody offered to host them at the site I listed - if you have the show taped you can try it yourself as a couple people here have already attested to, I dont think they have been chopped in any way - someone originally did this on geocities (and its easy enough to do if you have tv capture) - with the speculations about the lineup and des and mel being mysteriously absent...keep in mind these are flashes if you watch them at full speed and only amount to a couple frames...

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    Ok, here's my take. Now I hope that the previous posts are correct and that Melanie and Desiree are eliminated, but what if it isn't the girls that pick, but the guys instead. I have yet to see this mentioned either here or on the Fox site concerning these pics.
    DKTC all still have there normal 'there's still something going on intense' faces, while Amy and Beau seem less pissed and more tensed up as well, like they are hoping for certain selection by Tom who is concentrating on what he will do. That would also explain why Desiree and Melanie were still up there since all of the other guys picks make sense leaving those two left.
    This elimination may also happen fairly early in the show allowing for another elimination of some sort later that involves either 1 more guest or one of the couples somehow.
    What do you guys/girls think?
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    Guest kicked out!

    I've seen the pics of the 9/15 vote off, even posted my thoughts that it is the guys choosing the girls in those pics, explaing why Melanie and Desiree aren't shown and everyone still looks tense, but what if...
    after the elimination of one of the guests, Amanda is forced to ask someone to leave because of another verbal threat (like Zach previously).
    Someone please confirm this to me because I don't recall the exact wording in the prevues for next Monday's show, but I believe the announcer said that 2 guests would be leaving the show, or something to that extent. I could be wrong, but I don't believe the word 'elimination' was used. This could mean, according to the pics and past voting history, that Melanie is eliminated because Tom chooses Desiree, but what if also Desiree with her recent hot mouth, or Amy, Beau, or who knows makes some sort of threat to one of the other guests and is forced to leave as well after the elimination.
    Just my thoughts!!

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