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Thread: 9/10 Show Discussion **Spoilers**

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    desiree is like a tall glass of milk, leave her out in the sun for a few weeks and she goes bad......

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    Was I the only one who laughed out loud when Amanda B. told Tom that "he and his monkey must be doing something right"?

    Here's something I noticed. I noticed Tom rolling his eyes a lot...I almost wonder if he's got some protective feelings towards Tara. I don't know why, I still don't trust him in any shape or form.

    to Dave and Charla for understanding what a "graceful exit" means. And to Dave for talking to Charla about his feelings for her and what was still bothering him. That's a hideous situation to be in...I know. I never have gotten up the nerve to face those questions myself.

    Every time I watch this show, I end up thinking...y'think he's still single? Nice, chivilrous if a bit over the top politically man? I thought those were a lost breed.

    Not that I wish harm on anyone, but I wish Amy'd gotten a concussion or something and knocked some sense into her stupid 21 year-old head.

    I know betting is illegal, but anyone want to start a pool on how long Zachk and Amy will be together after the end of the show?

    Lastly...Amy having acheived more in her 21 years than Tara ever will? Good lord, she's a slutty looking cheerleader who got canned and will be living in a trailer with Zachk after this. Yes. I'm jealous. Don't know about the rest of y'all.

    Tara's acheived more in this SHOW than Amy has in her entire life...a measure of dignity and self respect. And a sense of humor.

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    AAARRRRGH! Ok--I've been lurking a while, and am just now posting for the first time out of sheer and utter FRUSTRATION!! Warning---ramble to follow....I swear, Keith took the words right out of my mouth tonight with the "I never want to have to look at Amy again...ever, in my life!" I never thought I could dislike someone I don't even know personally so much.

    Des is an idiot. What is she thinking? I still think she was voted on because the women saw her as less threatening, and guess what, for once they were right! Beau is an idiot too. He has forgotten all too quickly how he was betrayed by these people he aligns himself with.

    I figure Amy's little incident in the pool can only help. Maybe it will serve as some sort of pseudo-lobotomy. Hey, I can wish anyway.

    I need to know that these people I've come to loathe will not succeed. Otherwise, I need to stop watching now. Have you ever seen people so completely hypocritical? Backstabbing, mean, arrogant a**holes one and all----of the originals I mean.

    Scott is a hard one to peg. I don't quite trust him, but also don't quite rule him out as being sensible.

    Sorry! Done now (for at least 30 seconds or so)...!

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    Canadian Chick
    I think Beau is becoming just as crazy and unstable as Toni, Amy, and Zach.
    I understand it's a game, but why do they have to keep being so nasty to Dave.
    I hope Tom not picking Desiree becasue he thinks she'll have some sort of power backfires in their faces. Desiree seems too much like a desperate wannabe.

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    I have been lurking for a while now and today's episode finally convinced me to get on my computer and join in the discussion. I just wanted to the barbies, especially Charla and Dave. I know there have been a lot of people on this board who believe that Charla is just using Dave but I believe and have always believed that the reason she made those comments about not wanting him to touch her shoulders was because they were new friends and she wasnt comfortable enough with him yet. In their joint diary sessions, Charla has shown that she is extremely comfortable with him (dave bare-chested anyone?) and the producers have finally deigned to show us their moments of affectionate (friendly) physical contact.
    I really like all the barbies and they are all extremely gracious even though they know their backs are against the wall and that everyone there wants them out.
    As an aside, Beau, Desiree, Amy, Tom, Holly, Melanie and Scott are all the true Axis of Evil and I really hope the Barbies cannot be voted next week and they turn on each other like the horrible hypocritical people that they are.

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    If I were Tara, I would have told Amy I didn't want anything she had.

    NOOOOOO! Keep Zack!

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    Quote Originally Posted by m0ckeryj0nes
    desiree is like a tall glass of milk, leave her out in the sun for a few weeks and she goes bad......
    good one MJ
    "Education's purpose is to replace an empty mind with an open one."

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    Quote Originally Posted by ladybug73
    Well, did anyone think Scott wasn't uncomfortable until Beau started being an ass. He just didn't want Scott to talk to Dave cause he was afraid would use his powerful brain to lure him over the dark side
    I noticed that. For a second I thought he'd come around. But then he didn't.

    Also-Melanie...anyone else think she might be a HUGE wild card here? She's been totally dissed...and isn't she rooming with Keith? Maybe Keith can talk some sense into her.

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    Stupidest people on earth

    I have never seen meaner people in my life. I hope they are at home watching right now--absolutely mortified at their behavior...oh, but they would need souls to feel bad, so that's probably not happening. Here are my points:

    1. Desiree is an idiot. She has absolutely NO chance of winning and she's just grasping at straws and taking it out on poor Dave. Surely she realizes that if it's down to the "originals" without DKTC to sh*t on, Amy and her minions are going to take her out without a second thought. She'd have a better chance with DKTC--at least there are only two girls in that group to compete with.

    2. Melanie--she's the only sane one out of the originals. She's trying to talk sense into Amy, but Amy just shuts her down and bit**es some more about how she's not jealous of Tara (Anyone notice how she magically had her answer to that question completely planned out...hmmm...I wonder who wrote that one?)

    3. I really think that Fox is on DKTC's side--all of the footage shows how stupid the originals are and how smart and cool DKTC are. I know it looks like they screwed them over, but I'm guessing they are going to find a way to give them back the power. They just wanted us to be in suspense. What do you all think?

    Oh, and by the way, YCan'tAngieRead--I went to KSU, too! I'm assuming you did because of your picture. Go cats!

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    did anyone get kicked off??

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