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Thread: Nielsen Ratings - Paradizzle Hotel

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    here is some decent sites to find ratings news on the show. It's hard to find any sites that do have any ratings news past the top 20.

    this one has overnight ratings but only has the last 2 nights:


    This site has alot of good ratings info on alot of reality shows:


    From what i have read here and there it seems that PH is drawing about 7.5-8 million veiwers on average per show(lately). Although not that great(the premier of Survivor for instance got 21 million, BB on wednesday draws about 10+), PH seems to have a strong core audience of people 18-49, which in terms of advertisers is the biggest demographic you want since these are most likely the people willing to shell out money to buy the products.

    It seems like PH is slowly gaining an audience as the show goes along(it had about 6 million+ viewers a couple months ago).

    The highest rated episode to date was the second epsiode when the "originals" came back since it wasn't up against Big Brother that night and i think that drew about 9 million people. On some good notes Monday night football hasn't seem to affect PH's ratings at all.

    Another thing if you want to slant it in favor of PH is the fact i think PH attracts alot of younger single viewers(read that 18-34) then Big Brother so when advertisers are looking to spend there dollars that will weigh in heavy for them to put it on PH although BB has about 2-3 million more peopel watching. This is why the show can be considered a minor hit and Fox will probably do a PH2 next year.
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    PH rules! Survivor sucks. I never tought that I would be addicted to a show like that.

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    www.zap2it.com, which is ultimately owned by Fox, has ratings information for the past year of every week, for every show. Not much need to go anyplace else for your ratings information.

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    I may be blind but i tried checking the site, all i can get is top 20 lists for the week.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CharlaFan
    I may be blind but i tried checking the site, all i can get is top 20 lists for the week.
    I had the same problem. Thanks for the other links. I find this stuff so dang interesting!

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