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Thread: PH 9/08 Recap - "Every Man Dies, Not Every Man Really Lives"

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    Quote Originally Posted by funnygirl422
    Trust me YA, nobody in this city is afraid of the mannerless, headband sporting tard that doesn't own a clue!
    Yeah, I remember thinking to myself when Zack was making his now infamous comments: "I'd love to see Zack and his 50 guys get into it with some real street gangstas. Then we'd see who the pansy boys really are."
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    Quote Originally Posted by stargazer401

    Great job Amanda. I agreed with almost everything you said. Maybe I'm naive Barbie but I still think Tara and Charla tried to vote on Andon cause they weren't too worried about him as a threat. I think they probably had another strategy session with Dave after the one we saw.
    I agree Star. I think there's a huge chunk of info missing on that. Also, Andon didn't seem surprise or upset that Zack's "girls" voted for Beau so he must have known. Also, Charla and Tara may have known or got wind of what the "originals" were planning so it made it look like they were being naive.

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    Amanda:: No offense to any of the other recappers, but yours are the only ones I read...You are hilarious....

    When you mentioned the Mr. Potatoe Head thing, I justed busted out laughing....

    I have usually read your recaps while at work on lunch and they are so funny I laugh out loud and all my co-worker's think I am crazy, cuz when they ask what's so funny, I say nothing....because I am too embarassed to admit I watch to show.>>>

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    Nicely done, RecapperAmanda. I loved it. It's just too bad you're too intimidated by me to write what you REALLY think.

    You're intimidated by me!
    You're ALL intimidated by me!!

    *rolling my eyes so far into my head they may get stuck*

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    Not our Toni. Maybe she needs more time. Maybe she needs some distance and perspective. Or maybe she needs thorazine. Whatever the case may be, she takes the opportunity to give Tara a verbal beatdown, replete with eye-bulges. She tells Tara that shes fake, shes a liar, and the way she conducts herself is disgusting. If youre really like this in life, I hope you change. Project much, Toni? Pot. Kettle. You know the rest.

    I knew William Wallace. William Wallace was a friend of mine. You, Zack, are no William Wallace
    Lest the camera be off of Zack for more than two minutes at a time, were treated to an absolutely priceless diatribe, with Amy as the sole audience member. For those of you who missed the show, you missed comedy gold. I could just transcribe it verbatim - no commentary added - and youd be doubled over, falling out of your chairs. However, there are space considerations to bear in mind, so Ill just hit the high points for you. He tells Amy I wanted to leave here looking good, and Ill leave looking terrible. One comment and now Im a raging psycho. You have to give the boy points for a well-developed sense of self-awareness. Oh, he was being sarcastic? Okay, then give him points for such a beautifully formed delusional state. To that end, he goes on to say Im the real winner here. Not Keith! Not Charla! People know who the real winners are! Take a minute to compose yourselves, because it gets better. No, really, it does.

    Awesome. Your whole Zack diatribe was brilliant.

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    Amanda: if a chef's greatest compliment is a clean plate and a big burp, this might be the one for a reality tv show recapper:

    While I was in my office reading your recap, I was making such convulsions trying to stifle my laughter that someone came in to ask if I was ok. The tears rolling down my face (thanks to the "You are no William Wallace" section) didn't do much to convince him that I was.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Miss Filangi

    Awesome. Your whole Zack diatribe was brilliant.
    The zach part was definitly the best

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    as i wait for my ride to come a pick me up from work i happen to see this recap.


    i had to listen to the episode on the radio as our tv is out of service.

    i'm glad i had this re-cap to fill in the blanks.

    way to go amanda!
    off to play with the geodesic garden gnomes

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    Canadian Chick
    You are the recapper God Amanda! That part about Zach reading braille while touching Amy's face...priceless

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    Thanks for all the feeback, everyone!

    I was a little worried that my nerves would be so frayed that I'd cross over from funny-mean into just plain nasty.

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