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Thread: Can someone explain why I'm now getting no sleep because of all the rampant postings?

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    I was brought to this site, by the pictures of Bob's Bachelorettes.
    And I noticed what a huge forum this was, and decided to join!

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    looking for a deal on evilBay
    We're glad to have you here too Potergirl (well I am anyway we share 90% of the same view point)
    "Education's purpose is to replace an empty mind with an open one."

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    FORT Newbie portergirl99's Avatar
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    Thanks Duxxy! I recognize a few names around these boards now and I love reading all the posts. It was a little overwhelming after Labor Day week for sure -- seems as if the traffic on this site tripled at least!

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    in the hizzy
    to the FORT, portergirl - from a fellow Atlantan!
    Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I'm not sure about the universe.
    - Albert Einstein

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    OK, well I joined up last night, and I guess since this subject has it's very own thread, I'll contribute. I, for one, have lurked these boards day and night, and I guess the reason I hadn't joined yet is because there had always been someone else who shared my views who said what I was thinking so eloquantly (sp?) that I really had no reason to go, "yeah, what he/she said". Kinda just a waste of board space, ya know? And someone nailed it right on, every time! With so many of these posters sharing my exact views, and voicing them SOOOOO darn well, I just really didn't have anything to add. But....true to the theory above, it was the whole "reunion" thing that brought me scrambling out of the woodwork. I was totally revolted, for real. I share the same sentiment of several who have said, "this was a flashback of my high school/junior high days". When I saw the way they all were acting.....OMG I was literally sickened. I literally had a sore stomach the whole night. Those people are VILE. Zack, Andon, Beau, Toni, Kristen and Alex....omg...there is absolutely no defense for them...I have never wanted to smash someone's mouth so bad.

    Anyway...that's tiredmama's story! (Plus, I'm kinda a reality addict...American Juniors, FLOM 2, and PH are my big addictions now, though AJ is over.)

    K, well, nice to meet ya'll! I look forward to many more postings now that I'm an outie!


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    Well everyone, we're glad to have you here, but this is more suited to the introduction thread in the announcements forum than here.

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