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Thread: Paradise Hotel: 9/3 - We're Not in Kansas Anymore

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    Comes out of hiding as I have so far escaped the dreaded PH ...
    Thanks for taking one for the team Bumpkin. Great Stuff

    Too bad Zack didn't have a mom like you.

    I confess it was only the second ep I was forced to watch by my family , who have convinced me somehow I haven't seen reality TV til I've watched PH.

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    I'm sorry, I don't have a tape of 9/3 Paradise Hotel. However, I have the last 40 minutes of 9/2's Cupid.

    Why do our VCR's and TiVO's do this? Mine a couple of weeks ago crapped out for about ten minutes in the middle of an episode.

    I think our technology is trying to tell us something!

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    You can say that!

    Quote Originally Posted by Yellow Apple
    Ah, I remember my first (and only) snipe hunt. Very strange little birds, they are.

    Oh yeah, sorry about the "Get on with it!" shout, but I have a short attention span. Anything longer than a few paragraphs and I'm done.

    You can say that because you are a master of words! I love your posts!

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    Quote Originally Posted by cae350
    You can say that because you are a master of words! I love your posts!
    Oh, well thanks. Appreciate that, although I wouldn't call myself a master of words.
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    With this episode I became convinced that the producers are just making up the game as they go along. Doesn't the hostess say that ejected guests check out of Paradise forever? That's a pretty short forever to have them back so soon. This show has a thin concept to start with and it just seems that they are devising new tortures to try and stretch it out.

    Paradise is a total misnomer. With all those demons back it seems more like the opposite!

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    The cool and popular kids had been evicted by the nerdy and dorky, and saw their return as a chance at revenge and redemption. Their jibes, barbs and taunting of the remaining hotel guests made therapists everywhere salivate at the potential for billable hours.

    Nice job on your recap!

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    (Just about now, my first grader interrupts and demands my attention because he urgently wants to tell me something about school. With great shame, I confess that I shushed him at first.

    Great job Bumpkin.

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    Great Job, Bumpkin!!!

    I haven't seen the PH for a while, so I was feeling really confused & out of the loop. Thanks for your recap, which got me back on track. I see PH is going OG, yo! I'm still kinda confused, but that's nobody's fault except my mom's, for dropping me when I was a baby.
    Sending good vibes and warm fuzzies your way..., SnowflakeGirl
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