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Thread: director manipulation and participant pay (SPOILER on what the prize is)

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    Flotsette - I agree with you

    This guy from the other board said it well:

    I really do think that FOX has/is f*cking us all. I think that FOX knows that most people want Dave, Charla, Tara and Keith to win. So, what do they do? They bring the old crew back to act like animals and treat the new people like sh*t. Then, they act as though they, (Charla, Tara, Keith and Dave) will somehow get revenge the next show for the way they've been treated. However, this was not/is not the case. Yeah so what, Zack is gone now. But, that still doesn't make it right that the new people were treated like sh*t repeatedly for two shows in a row now. And, as good as it may look now that Zack is leaving, Tara and Charla still need either Holly or Desiree (yeah right) to vote along with them. And, the guys, Dave and Keith, need either Scott or Tom (yeah right) to vote along with them. However, I don't think that neither case will happen. Instead I think that Holly will be persuaded by Scott to vote along with Amy and Desiree so that Amy can get someone in there that is favorable to her. And, I think Desiree will persuade Tom to vote with Scott. Then there will be a tie breaker (cause no doubt Keith and Dave will vote the same) that will probably end in Scott, Desiree, Amy and Tom's favor. Which means that either Alex or Beau will be back due to the women's vote. And, Kristen or Toni may be back due to the men's vote. So, with that in mind, I think FOX keeps making it seem like we the viewers will get what we want in the end. Which is either Keith, Tara, Charla or Dave to win. When, in actuality, that will never happen. FOX is so shady. They know what they are doing by stringing us along on false hopes in order for them to get big ratings. They keep making us empty promises that will never happen and we all keep falling for it hoping that the newbies will get their reward. I think I am finally, after all this time, coming to realize that I am the true A** for watching this show. In the end they will screw us all while we sit there and watch either Amy, Scott, Desiree, Tom, Holly (and whatever 2 old guests they pick, most likely Beau, Alex, Toni or Kristen) win the prize. When in reality, most of them don't deserve to win. Especially after the old crew came back and blew the strategy of the new guests who were truly playing the game as it should be played. It's just wrong. Once again FOX shows us that they think that people who lie, cheat, steal, threaten and act childish are deserving of a reward. It's such Bullsh*t!!!!

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    awesome! thanks for the links!!

    That was cool and made it clear that they are all in it for the money. It still shows typical good and bad (and ugly) people and how they behave. I don't care what script they followed or how much they got paid, there's just some things you dont do or say or treat people like.

    I'd probably not get paid very much.

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    HA!!! (belly laugh)

    I HAD TO SO LAUGH when I read Toni the dike-wench's last name. Are we kidding? Ferrari....hahahahahah. What a doof! She's so gross!

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    why tell me why?

    do the people who got kicked off get to vote? What's that about?

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    Splitsrh, I would think that they are obligated not to reveal the prize either, but that's what she said. It would seem she could get in hot water for saying anything at all. She did acknowledge she wasn't supposed to be saying what she was saying. But money is a pretty standard prize, no? I mean it doesn't take a genius to figure that out.

    crackpot, while I don't necessarily agree with everything the other poster said, I do agree with both of you that the producers are very skillfully manipulating the viewers as well as the cast. It's obvious they spotted big drama in the originals vs. the barbies - the official website recaps portrayed it that way from the beginning. And I fall right for it!
    I am putty in their hands!

    IhateAmy&Zack, I thought the booted voting on the guests was just a theory, but I just found this thread:
    Jury style...
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    Zack is a moron. He has nothing worthwhile to add. I feel so sorry for him that Amy is the most amazing person he has ever met I feel really sorry for him. When he goes into bars now people will want to kick his a@%! I guess since he is so attractive he will always have to deal with people being intimidated by him.
    I still think Keith is by far more attractive than him. He difinately has a much better upper body and he has a nice personality which only makes him more attractive. Even though he is a shoe model.

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    Quote Originally Posted by flotsette
    I have a new theory that some of the participants' despicable behavior might be, let's say, "enhanced" by financial incentive.
    Reality TV has absolutely nothing to do with reality, the financial incentive only amplifies that fact. It's a two-fold path of least resistance:

    1. Studios/producers/execs get to develop programming with relatively
    small cost: single location (for most, not all), minimal crew (no DP's, no script supervisors, no ADs, etc..), no actors (well, at least no professional actors), minimal writing staff (just people to come up with literary masterpieces like "Will so and so form an alliance with so and so? Stay tuned...")

    2. People from every corner of the country claw each other for a chance to speak their mind in front of a camera. It's much easier to fill out a reality TV app that it is to take acting classes, practice, get crapped on by the world, and then MAYBE have a chance at getting discovered. I wonder if that Toni girl feels withdrawl symptoms if she's not surrounded by a camera crew watching her every move.

    So, what do we, the public get out of this two fold cop out? A considerably lesser product, in terms of entertainment.

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    Where did the shoe model thing come from? I know Zack was just waiting for an open moment to throw that up in his face, but I was just wondering how he found that out. Is it listed somewhere in Keith's bio?

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    In my opinion, the directors only direct them during the satellite interviewing of new contestants. other than that they are free to act however they want. Although, I do think that they are given money for being on the show...but not on their acting. How Zack, Amy, Toni, Kristin, ALex, and ANdon acted towards DCKT showed how they were in real life and I dont think the directors paid them to act the way they did...they're just really shady.

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    The satellite interviews always seem to take on a snotty tone, so it would be no surprise to me to find out they were directed.
    They always seemed confrontational.

    If he directors did pay the visitors to act in that manner they really should be ashamed of themselves for the effect it clearly had on Charla and the way Dave was ganged up on.

    I can't applaud Dave enough for the class he has shown in the face of it all.
    "That's Numberwang!"

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