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Thread: Fair game?

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    Fair game?

    I don't think Paradise Hotel is a fair show anymore. Bringing back the evicted guests for a couple of days was an interesting twist but giving them a second chance to check back into the hotel again is not fair to the current guests. If we are going to split hairs over the definition of what a "new guest" is we should also split hairs over what the word "forever" means. Amanda has frequently told the guests in the hotel in the eviction process that whoever they choose to evict would be checking out of Paradise Hotel "forever." If we are going to give the evicted guests a second chance to check back into the hotel we should also give the current guests a second chance to check back into the hotel if or when they are evicted (and this includes Amy). The number of current guests in the hotel that would check in again should be based on a ratio equal to the number of evicted guests (2) checking back into the hotel divided by the total number of guests (?) that were brought back (including our friend Zack). In other words, assuming equal a priori probabilities, all guests that have been evicted once should have the same chances of coming back.

    Based on the principal of fairness, I assume that the rules of the game should be fair and Fox has not given me sufficient reason to believe that the rules of this game would not be fair (or be made fair). It is fine if it is Fox's intention to create a reality show in which the rules of the game are not fair but it not reasonable for them to assume that the public should assume that the rules of the game are not going to be fair. This is a game because the guests are considered contestants and they are competing for a prize at the end.

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    It all comes down to this: it's FOX
    BTW, I love your name :50 guys

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    One can argue it was not fair when Keith came in that he got to pick off the guy he didn't want there. The way i look at this show is it is ment 99% for entertainment value and 1% game.

    My guess is the producers know the charm of the barbie group and will make even more twists in the upcoming weeks to ensure they make it far.

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    At times, I'm sure Amanda Byram is thinking to herself. Do I really have to keep hosting this bollocks? There are some serious wankers in that lot

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    I don't think it's fair either.

    I just think the show is badly thought out.
    They seems as though they've had to make changes as they've gone along because they needed to account for the fact that none of the new people were really able to find a way to stay at the hotel.
    The guys really screwed up in the week Andon left.
    Three chose Toni, two chose Amy.
    Andon could have stayed if he'd chosen Kristin or Amanda first time round.
    That ceremony was a mess.
    "That's Numberwang!"

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    [QUOTE=CharlaFan]One can argue it was not fair when Keith came in that he got to pick off the guy he didn't want there. QUOTE]

    That's exactly what i was going to say! Everyone is ranting that it is not fair for the originals to get a second chance, but they too were screwed over when Tara and Keith had thier choice at vote off and there was absolutly nothing that the originals could do about it. At least this time everybody left has a say in who comes back.

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    50guys, I can't disagree with anything you said. But it's a reality show, it's not supposed to be fair. None of these shows are fair (at least any more).

    You make a very good argument though. It sounds like YOU'VE got lawyer in you!

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    It is just a game though but I don't think that Fox should assume that its viewers assume the game may not be fair.
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    lmao, I bet atleast 40 of you are wearing headbands.

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    On the very first episode, Amanda (the host) said that the rules would always be changing. As much as I didn't like the originals coming back, I don't think Fox even pretended that they were going to be consistent.

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