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Thread: Monday, 9/8 Possible **Spoiler** of the 2 picks

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    Desiree is so two faced.
    She talked so "big" when she was trying to get on the show the first time & then the second time she was a lot less confrontational. Now she's Amy's follower. Sickening!

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    Quote Originally Posted by mischief4911
    Remember though in the preview for Monday's show they show Andon kissin up to the Fab 4 and then show him in the room with Zach and Amy working up a plan to get back on and tear the Fab 4 apart. So I think Amy and Des will vote for Andon to go along with Zach's plan. Amy cause she's a vindictive *bleep *bleep, and Des because she is Amy's little puppet now.
    Naw the fab 4 are way too smart for Andon. They dont like him and his plan wont last long. He doesnt know how to play the game at all and Amy likes Beau the most out of the remaining guys eligible to get voted on.

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    It could be possible the person who posted this just guessed 2 old guests are coming back. I mentioned it to friends and they all said it couldn't happen because they were kicked out forever. I think FOX is tricking us in usual reality tv fashion showing the Andon/Amy/etc. strategy. Who knows? My guess is Matt and Amanda but Kavita is probably more realistic.

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