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Thread: Yahoo Platinum Extra Scenes -- Recaps

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    Thanks for the updates!

    I subscribed to 'Yahoo Platinum', but was only able to watch the first few clips before an unfortunate "speaker cord meets pet rabbit" incident took place.

    Though there is sufficient eye candy to make watching the clips without any sound enjoyable, it just isn't the same as actually *hearing* the snarkiness.

    I got to the scene with Amanda and Zach at a table (Charla was nearby happily eating fruit) and couldn't make it out very well...as far as I could tell Zach was whining about the meat in front of him being more manly than him. Plus, he was still upset that Amanda wasn't his sex-slave and was trying to use his patented 'Yell at girl' pick up technique. But, I could have gotten it wrong.

    So, again, thanks for the recaps, very fun stuff

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    hey, hey, ~ once again I must remind that some of us on the board are Zonies! Don't be hate'n!

    Kept your distaste to the 5 idiots that we were lucky enough to lose for the summer! We are not all like that here..

    And NO, I do NOT have stripes in my hair! I've been stripey-free since 1999!

    However, i'm sure Kristen has a special on stripes at her beauty salon.. I understand she's back to work. She's booked all of Zack's 50 guys.[/QUOTE]

    See we're not all bad. I had the fruit stripes as well. I thought they were standard issue at the Hotel!

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    Wow! Thanks for all the good stuff!

    That scene with Amy losing it at the table and threatening to throw her fork just proves that FOX is doing all it can to keep her on!

    Just as long as FOX finally allows her to go (with drama, yelling and idiocy-abound).....

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    "Beau Threatens Keith" clip explains "Bitter Beau"

    Hey all, I have Yahoo Platinum because of my work. For the most part I find the PH clips hard to watch and hard to hear, and have been ignoring them. (I can't believe I'm still watching the show at all.) But I just saw one that was quite clear because it was a confessional, and thought I'd share.

    (BTW, the reason you hear background noises, and it's so hard to hear what people are saying (besides the loudmouths!) is because it's raw footage, probably using a mic mounted on the camera. For all the footage we see on the show, they carefully edit using the small mics the guests wear. They don't bother to do that, or any editing, on these extras. That probably explains the bird noises heard on one clip.)

    Anyway... it's Beau in confessional. Maybe it's best to transcribe it. It's so funny, I can't make it funnier.

    Beau: "Since I've been back, a lot of things have happened. A lot of people didn't believe that I would be coming back. The main reason why I truly want to come back now is to make sure that my speech that I gave when I got voted off stays intact. That the game is played fairly. That the game is played without insults, personal insults to each other. That's not the way the game is supposed to be played.

    "I want to get it through Amanda's head that she can not trust Keith, Tara, Charla, and Dave. Those are the people -- well, some of them were around when Amanda left. Those are also people that got me gone. Those are -- so, in a sense, I don't like how Amanda's doing that. And I've told her that I don't like it, and she said she'll do anything I tell her that she thinks is right. Because she can trust me. But I tell her that you can't trust those people, and all she's doing is hanging around those people. And it makes me very, very pissed, because I tell her those are the wrong people that you need to be hanging out with -- the people that will backstab you. Not only did Tara backstab her, because they were all friends, but those people backstabbed me, and got rid of me."

    He goes on and on with his bravado about "the truth will always win," "My job is to make sure certain people don't win," "Yes, I want to win this thing," "Keith, be careful, man. Be careful... you will be the first to go, if I'm back in the game." Blah blah blah.

    What I find interesting about this clip is that:

    1. Beau thinks that it was KCTD who got rid of him. Perhaps, just like Zack, he is experiencing "selective viewing" of the show -- only seeing the parts that validate his prior beliefs. I don't see how even the stupidest person could miss the fact that KCTD were only going along with what the originals wanted! Shoot, KCTD would have booted someone else, except they specified Beau was to get the boot if Dave got the originals' money!

    2. If he wants the game to be played without personal insults, why did he a)participate in the insults, and b) why does he not say anything to the likes of Acmy?

    Just one more example of the ridiculousness that is this show.

    FYI, I am using the Windows Media Player, and have no problem pausing and restarting the clip.

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    I heard Amy threatened to stab tara

    Quote Originally Posted by totoro
    Week 12
    The Real World According to Zack

    This clip takes place immediately after Zack arrives. Host Amanda is seen finishing up her lines, and when everyone turns their backs to her, she slinks away. I hear a maddening cacophony of tropical birds. I have never caught this on TV, although this is where they shoot all of the necklace ceremonies.

    Present are: Zack and Amy, Scott and Holly, Dave, and Tom, Paradise Hotel’s very own Where’s Waldo! .

    As we saw on the show, Dave and Scott have just asked about the show, and Zack has started spouting off about Dave and company being ‘shady.’ Dave asks if Zack saw Kristen at home. Zack explains that when he “was watching Beau get kicked off, right when Amy was in the bedroom crying, I got a call right then.”

    I interpret this to mean that Zack has known he was coming back for the past 3 weeks. In other words, FOX could only imagine a world without Zack for 2 weeks, before adding Section 19, Item 6, Clause 1 to the rule book:

    “The producers may, at anytime, use their free will to exercise the option of doing whatever the heck they wanna in order to tweak the viewing audience on their collective nose and send advertisers scrambling for their collective checkbook.”

    I am amused and then irritated at Zacks’ excessive use of gestures: every time he refers to a phone or a call or a phone call, he makes this cute little “hand phone” that looks like a sideways version of “hang loose.” What a dork.

    He says that when he got home, everyone asked him “where’s AMY where’s AMY?” Amy looks like she might just POP with glee.

    Zack tells Dave about the time when Charla took off her underwear and threw them at Scott, and how Scott threw them back at her. He says ‘everyun’ was wondering why Scott wasn’t “hookin’ up with nobody” and thought he must “have a girlfriend back home, or a d’ck.” [Yeah, he said it. What? What!] And then “you made out with Holly and totally redeemed yourself; you nailed Holly!!!” Scott has the good grace to look a bit uncomfortable and embarrassed at this.

    Next, he says is that ‘everbuddy’ thinks Keith is gay, and he is also ugly with raccoon eyes, and why does he call himself a model? He’s not a model! And with the magic word ‘model’ uttered, Holly can’t hold herself back any longer, and I quote: “What about me!? They don’t say nothing about ME?” Zack responds to this insecure little plea for attention, and quickly tells her that he never saw her in person, but she looks really good on TV. She is satisfied with this.

    Next: “Everyone loves Amy.” Again, I fear for all present, as Amy’s head is visibly swollen, and now pulsing with PURE AND UTTER JOY. He says the only reason she wouldn’t be loved is because of what Zack put her through in the first couple of episodes. Amy makes a “aw, that again?” face and literally says “Who gives a f*** about that?… It wasn’t your fault.” I certainly hope they have a chapter of the Marjorie Mason Center for Abused Women in Arizona. Damn, girl!

    About Dave: “Everyone loves his humor.”
    About Scott: “They love you too, they think at times you just say what everyone wants to hear, and that you’re playing the game more than you come off.” [Scott nods.]

    Dave asks: “Alex? Beau?”

    This is Zack’s verbatim reply: “My dad likes Alex cuz my dad likes his honesty. My dad thinks Alex is very honest my dad appreciates that when he said well I wanted Zach me or Scott to stay and Beau was like what you don’t want me here Dave well that’s what I’m saying yeah at least he was honest. My dad appreciated that see you know what I mean he was always very honest and that was cool my dad liked that. Umm… Beau does real well back home.” [That was 6 'my dads' and 4 'honests' in case you weren't counting.]

    Zack then boasts that Amy must have some Zack in her, seeing her go off on Keith. I snigger; again with my dirty mind. The clip fades away and I realize that Tom didn’t say a word!

    And that, my fiends, is the trash.

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    I heard there was a clip where Amy threaten to stab Tara with a fork at the table. Is that true

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cameo299
    I heard there was a clip where Amy threaten to stab Tara with a fork at the table. Is that true
    Not exactly. Amy threatened to flip the food off her fork into Tara's face. At least that's the impression I got. Maybe she was threatening to throw the whole fork. At any rate, Amy was pointing at people with a fork full of food, and it was disgusting!

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    Did it come off like a threat, Like how Zack acted and if so why did she not get called on it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by flotsette
    Not exactly. Amy threatened to flip the food off her fork into Tara's face. At least that's the impression I got. Maybe she was threatening to throw the whole fork. At any rate, Amy was pointing at people with a fork full of food, and it was disgusting!

    Yah, I got that yahoo platinum too. I just got it today.I figured since their is a 2 week free trial I can just cancel the day after the show is over and not have to pay money. With that being said, I think everyone with a credit card should get it. It's free.

    But anyway, they wouldnt be worth watching if they cost money. I turned my speakers up all the way and you can only hear about half is what is said. The way I understood the fork incident was that she was going to throw the whole fork at her. Man this girl is snotty.

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    I have use of a borrowed PC, at the disability Center so I can't sign up. But it is great getting he re-caps. Thank You So Much

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