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Thread: Yahoo Platinum Extra Scenes -- Recaps

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    Okay I know this subject is about talked out but I have to address the "striped" hair. I thought to myself, before I read it here, that I wore my hair like SEVEN Years ago! I used to be a hairdresser and considered myself to be up on the trends, even though I'm from Kentucky. But I realize that trends usually hit the west coast before they get here so maybe they are just coming back around and the rest of us don't know it yet

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    I stole this from the fox board, thank you to the guy who took time to write this out:

    I went to Yahoo Platinum and saw some footage of the fight at the lunch table. It seems like the same table but not with the exact people sitting there, like maybe it happened right before or after the disagreement.
    Alex says that Charla and Tara are cluless, David defends them by saying "they're clueless, that's why they're here and your're not".

    Amy adopts that smug scrappy teenage boy look and Melanie starts to say something to Amy and Amy tells her not to stick up for them.

    Melanie begs Amy for them to have one lunch where there isn't a lot of stuff going on.

    Dave is saying something which is inaudible but Amy hears and then tells, actually shouts to Dave if he wants to tell everybody what he just said outloud, he said he would but he isn't going to scream it. Before Dave has a chance to say anything Amy yells it out to the room that Dave said the people who are out are cluless because they weren't smart enough to play the game.

    Some inaudible conversation goes on at the table. Amy tells Charla to go home and watch the tapes. Charla and Keith ask her if she's ever done anything wrong. She, screaming again, says -- screams that yes she has but never to anybody that she cares about and the people that she loves and that she doesn't give two shi^s about "you guys".

    Amy yells she is sitting at table with a majority of people she can't stand and it sucks.

    When Dave tries telling her some things she orders him to "stop".

    Amy yells that that she was insulted when Dave said the people who were voted off were clueless.

    Dave said that they insulted them when they said they were clueless.

    Keith asks why is it okay for them (the originals)to be insulted?

    Amy yells that she is just defending her friends and Keith says "exactly"

    Dave asks why are they (Charla Tara) allowed to be called clueless but he isn't allowed to call anyone clueless?

    Charla or Tara says they really don't care and let's just eat lunch.

    Amy yells it feels good for her to speak her mind and points with her fork which has food on it to each of the FOUR and goes, shady, shady, shady, shady. ***but when other people speak their mind she tells them to stop***

    She maddogs Tara and asks her "what Tara?" and she points the fork dripping with food (at Tara i believe who is off-camera) and says "yeah i'm about to throw it across the fu@king(?) table in your face actually." ***another threat which doesn't get her kicked off***.

    Dave says the way she spits venom at other people is an ugly side to her, and she responds by saying that ugly people made her ugly.

    Amy yells about the Barbie thing and something about them looking stupid. "didn't it make you look stupid" Not sure exactly.

    Keith says something and Amy tells him "sorry, you're not involved" Keith responds by saying the he is involved and she isn't going to tell him when to talk or not to talk.

    Yeah, the girl's a charmer.

    So folks, the FOUR do defend themselves, but it's useless.

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    Darn! I was hoping DCKT would rise above the fray.

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    I hate when people are calling other people ugly! It gets on my nerves!!! Who is she to trash other people?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Silverstar
    I hate when people are calling other people ugly! It gets on my nerves!!! Who is she to trash other people?
    she is an original, get with the program dude

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    Stealing isn't nice. Next time, re-write it in your own words.

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    Shady. Doesn't the girl know any other words?

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    Quote Originally Posted by totoro
    Beck... oh Beck. I could never hate YOU!! I understand where you're comin from... I hail from (not-so)beautiful Fresno, CA = aka the ARMPIT of California.

    I have dealt with that type of sweeping generalities my whole life! It is all in good fun...



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    Quote Originally Posted by Yellow Apple
    Want to talk about generalities? Try telling people you're from Alabama. Birmingham, no less.

    Just so you know, my trailer is a DOUBLE wide, thank you very much! And I take two showers a week.

    Thanks very much, Bull Connor, for those black and white images of police dogs and fire hoses.

    I'm going to read your posts now with a cute little Alabama accent

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    Quote Originally Posted by moody
    Beck, I too once hailed from Phoenix, Tempe to be exact and I must say leaving was the best decision I have ever made.

    I tried to escape once, but the prices of Cali brought me right back with my tail between my legs! :mad:

    What is wrong with the people here (In Phoenix)?? (besides the dip-dongs on this show)

    Did you find them somewhat anti-social??
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