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Thread: Yahoo Platinum Extra Scenes -- Recaps

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    Quote Originally Posted by croftchrism
    Nothing new is one the Yahoo extras yet... I am hoping for more of Keith... Yumm!!!
    Yeah... I'd like to see an un-censored version of the shower scene....

    I have loved Tara from the beginning, and I couldn't be happier that she is paired up with Keith and has a great shot at winning it all with him...


    ...I was more than a little jealous of her last night, cuddling up and smoochin' with him!!
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    Secret Meeting Platinum recap

    Well let me start by saying that I have been a lurker for almost two weeks and I wanted to contribute something back, so following is an almost accurate transcription of the conversation (which we didn't get to see in full on TV) between Keith and Scott. It is entitled "Secret Meeting - Keith and Scott come clean, man to man, eliminations and Dave."

    I really liked this extra scene because for me, I think, it kinda gives you and idea of what keith is going to do for the elimination (if not I will be very shocked indeed)

    Well here it is

    Keith- whatís up
    Scott- what do you want to talk about?
    Keith- Um! We donít know about this power and and we this power includes but Letís put it, Iím going to put it blunt. Are you done in for us?
    Scott- Who, You and Tara
    Keith- yea
    Scott- I donít, dud, Iíve got to be honest with you, I mean after the rival thing I put you on as a rival. I told you in pandoraís box, Um, I mean there is only three of us. I mean you got say something, right?
    Keith Ė Yea yeah, I mean you gotta say somebody, I knew you were going to do that. Putting me as a rival I didnít think you would.
    Scott- Well you said to!
    Keith- But I wanted you, I wanted you to, to be of the hook. I didnít want you, there is no reason for it. But what ever, I didnít think that you put me as a rival because Iím a rival
    Scott- No yeah itís itís thatÖ
    Keith- And I agree with that totally but um, obviously my major concern is now you two, wouldnít take me and Tara out because of, you know you said you would take me out over Dave.
    Scott- (laughs) I, I mean but I donít know
    Keith- I, I mean, I donít expect an answer
    Scott- But you wanted to question
    Keith- But I wanted But I wanted this brought up because I donít want I mean because if it comes down to it because I know what Dave just said up at pandoraís box, from day one he said he would save me over anyone and then he is up there telling you that he would save youÖ. I donít know about that one.
    Scott- Huh
    Keith- Itís a little sketchy to me
    Scott- What do you think is going to be?
    Keith- How do I think is, you going to get the power?
    Scott- Uh huh
    Keith- I have no idea (bangs empty water bottle) but my opinion is, the only reason Iíve thought about this, is if we have to lock in our votes even before we know what it is
    Scott- uh
    Keith- right
    Scott- interesting point!
    Keith- I mean I donít know, I have no idea, I just, Iím thinking that if that is the case. like I am not saying like who I am
    Scott- well I think that Holly and I are definitely the outsiders because of your relationship with Dave.
    Keith- yeah um I would agree
    Scott- So regardless I know that I know that because of Charlaís relationship with Tara itís a big deal
    Keith- I think it is, thatís why I wanted to talk you about it
    Scott- thatís a big deal so I realize that we are the outsiders no matter what happens, If you get the power, I, I know you would come after me for obvious reasons and I think that if Dave got the power he would do the same thing because, and rightfully so, theíre fifty of your team is your roommates
    Keith- uh huh
    Scott- and your roommates will be saying obvious things, itís obvious, there is no, so that puts me in the
    Keith- which right
    Scott- which, I mean you know, so you got to understand either way you go I mean, Mine is rolling the dice
    Keith- I just wanted you to remember what he said at Pandoraís box, just remember that Scott- last night?
    Keith- Yeah, about how he would pick you over me, I mean thatís not the case, I mean at least I donít I donít think so
    Scott- yeah,
    Keith- so I think if youíre going on trust and something like that and the person that, like Iíve never once right
    Scott- yeah I know I know
    Keith- for my entire life here
    Scott- So I agree, I know that
    Keith- just take that into consideration, I donít know
    Scott- No, I would be in a, it would be in a tough position
    Keith- youíre in a, a very tight position
    Scott- I would be in a tough position because I am not Holly, and Holly -if you want to call it what you want- Hollyís Hollyís been an outsider towards Charla and Tara
    Keith- right
    Scott- and again they are fifty percent of your team so
    Keith-I mean right
    Scott- So
    Keith- thatís what I am thinking, If it comes down to it, the four of us, like regardless of what Dave comes here or something, I know that us four. I know.
    You know, I mean is not, Itís obvious ok, So I am just saying the decision that you made, obviously I am just trying to influence the decision from my stand point and for me to feel better just so you know that..
    Scott- Uh hum (donít understand)
    Keith- I think that You know had talked about trust and honesty and everything and for somebody to be trustful and honest they always have to be, they canít (blank) and um you know up at pandoraís box last night him saying you know you and me
    Scott- Yeah
    Keith- whatever, I totally thatís really
    Scott- I hear ya
    Keith- Ok, does that make sense?
    Scott- you also had said you were going to take Charla to the end with you
    Keith- Thatís Right
    Scott- You donít know that, so that could still happen
    Keith- but there is nothing we can do about it
    Scott- right
    (fades to black)

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    thanks for the transcription!

    Sounds like Keith just told Scott that it's going to be the Fab 4 in the finals - and why wouldn't he? Regardless of what Dave said, Keith woudn't stand a chance against an OG (Scott) in the finals given the fact that the ousted idiots will return for a jury vote.

    I'm pretty sure he would easily win vs Dave/Charla - it would probably be unanimous

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    OK guys here is the full version of Pandora's box from Yahoo Platinum. It is quite long 12 1/2 minutes of video and ended up being 5 hand written pages... whew..
    So I will post One question and answer per post to save everyone from having to read the whole very long thing to find one particular part.

    I will start with the Holly/Tara incident first since it is the most speculated by everyone. Also everyone (luckily has different initials so will label by first initial)

    Title of the clip is Smart-Aleck Answers
    Takes place after the Arabian Nights dance , everyone is in costume

    T - Holly, who did you put as your rival and why?
    H- Hmmm as my rival I put down Tara.
    T- You did? Why?
    H- Ummm I don't really think I have a rival here, so I put down Tara because I just thought she wouldn't help me, and she wouldn't help me progress in the game. So since I didn't have a true rival I put her down because she was least likely to help me.
    T- I can't believe you!
    H- Believe it Tara!
    T- Are you kidding?
    H- That's what I said, deal with it!

    Note: They are both laughing at each other and playing to everyone else.
    This was not a serious exchange between the two of them. Everyone found it to be funny. So much for big drama. (Probably why it was inferred in the previews but never aired).

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    Dave asks Amy

    D- Amy , you seem to getting along better with Keith, do you still want him out?
    A- Yeah, I want him gone, if I had a choice I would want him out.

    NOTE: This question was pretty lame, and Amy was very reserved throughout the whole clip.

    Here is another since that one was short......

    Amy asks Tara

    A- Tara 1st it was Beau then Alex , now Keith, Why didn't you hook-up with Keith in the very begining, or is Keith your last resort?
    T- In the begining Keith wasn't here and Beau was (she giggles). We hadn't gotten a chance to know each other. We didn't hang out as much, we've been hanging out alot lately. We didn't room together so I didn't get a chance to know him really, really well and now I know him very well (apparently she does according to another video clip... I will recap that another time) and that is that.

    Note: Everyone made noises of agreement and said it was a good answer

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    Ok long one ......

    Holly asks Scott

    H- If you had to send home either Dave or Keith who would you send home and why?
    S- Wow, ummm (S seems very uncomfortable with this question. he is starting to sweat and is touching his face and hair alot) great question, whoever came up with it.
    K- Thankyou
    S- You know it's a tough call and I would probably have to say Keith.
    H- And why?
    S- Umm Keith since the day he stepped foot here said that he was simply playing the game , so umm all the emotions aside he came in strictly playing the game, and I completely respect that. Ummm he made it known that he was going to come in here and do what he needed to do here to win the game and I'm absolutely 100% not faulting him at all, that was his strategy and continues to be his strategy and obviously he is still here so he's doing something right.
    K- I have a question. What is the game?
    S- I don't know.
    K- The game I'm playing is I'm just trying to kick everyone out until I'm the last one here.
    S- Well I think it's different if you started here from day one.
    K- Right
    S- And ya know when somebody comes here the first day, nobody until about 3 weeks ago knew what the game was. Everybody knew you had to find safetys in people you trusted to advance to the next level and from day one, Ive said this a thousand times, when I lost my safety in my first roomate it was tough cause I had to find who I could really trust and who I could put everything I had into , into this game. It's different , I would imagine, coming in like yourself or even when Tara came in or even when Holly came in to try to develop relationships in 3 or 4 or 5 weeks. I'm sure you have and everyone else has but it's just different when you started here in June and everybody was just such a tight bond then all of the sudden they throw this well now the game is going to start, and your like what is the game?
    K- It was inevitable though
    S- Right , that's what I'm saying it was inevitable. I respect you wanting to come in and play the game.
    K- I appreciate it [Everyone Laughs] (Keith said this in much the way he told Holly he didn't need her to repeat what he said 5 times , but thanks)

    Note: was a very civil exchange between S and K , the others were respectful and listened quietly.

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    Scott asks Charla

    S- Have you ever seduced any of the guys here, if so were you turned down?
    NOTE: personally I think that Dave asked this question to see if she and Keith did any flirting that he didn't see , and also they were roomates a couple of times.
    C- I seduced Scott, ummm and he turned me down. Was that seducing Scott? I don't know.
    S- It was an attempt, definately, definately, definately the attempt was there for sure.
    C- OK
    S- Definately
    C- And then I ran into the wall [Everyone Laughs]

    Charla walks up to Pandora's box
    C- Seduce, seduce, I was drunk, I was trying to do something (rolls her eyes, meaning trying to get some action), I split my pants doing it. [Everyone laughs]

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    Charla asks Dave

    (she reads the card to herself first and says)

    C- I don't even know the answer to this one
    C- Dave, What was your reasoning for sending Beau home and would that theory apply to anyone here?
    D- The reason, yeah it would always apply, the person, the reason I sent B home was that it was really close but I felt that
    K- Who was it between?
    D- All three of you guys (B,K,S), but that by sending B home the people that I saved namely S, K , and their respective roomates would get my back and C's back ummm more than B and A.
    A- (I think she said) , it all came down to the game?
    D- Uh huh when it came down to the very end , when it came down to the very end. That's a really tough call cause I have relationships with B and A , their both my friends, so I could have easily taken out S. I could have taken out K. Either way I piss off certain people and certain people are really glad that I saved them and kept them here.
    K- Let's be honest here, S do you think he would have taken me out? Do you think it would have been in his mind to take me out?
    S- NO
    D- Well it was
    K- OK
    D- I don't know what you want me to tell you dude.
    A- Who would you have taken out first K or S?
    D- That's another question I'll be happy to answer it ouside Pandora's box.
    A- Ok
    H- I want to hear now
    S- I didn't even know K was in the running , in the mix
    K- I didn't know either, that's kinda crazy
    D- I didn't know either until I was up there, you know when your on the spot and have to make a tough decision, you look around
    K- At all your options
    D- Uh huh, K or S I don't know, it would take along time. I would hope that I wouldn't be put on the spot about it on vote off , just like I would hope I wouldn't be put on the spot about it right now. But I don't know... (pause) Keith.
    (I don't know if he meant he would choose K or if he was prompting a response from K [ Im afraid it was the former])
    K- (just made a noise " ha " not a laugh ha but a who would have guessed it ha)
    S- Would K being in the running have anything to do with C's relationship with K's roomate?
    D- Everytime I make a decision I take into account every relationship with every other person. Most importantly with me and 2nd most importantly with C. Absolutely , because C is the person that's been my roomate, you know this game is for 2 people to win, 2 people to advance in it.
    K- So your saying you would have taken me out over S?
    D- I have never had that decision to make.
    K- I know , it was a question
    D- If I had the decision to make this week or at the very end, I don't know what I would do , I have no idea
    K- Ok

    Note: Tara little by little turned herself away from Dave as he continued to speak. I was apparent that she was very hurt by what he was saying. It was interesting that Amy turned toward Keith as Dave spoke, in fact when D said he thought about sending K home A moved herself even more toward K and said something (no audio of what) to K. H played with the beads on her top the entire time looking down for the most part. C looked shocked and ill at the same time but said nothing , she kept looking at T and K with a very sad expression (like that isn't how I feel). When she went back to her seat she put as much distance between herself and D as she could (sitting on the front edge of the pillow) and reached over to T and K.

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    Dave asks Amy

    Amy ....
    A- what up D
    D- What do you regret here and why?
    A- I guess I could start off by saying I don't live my life in regret, therefore I do not regret anything.
    C- That's right (something, something) emotion, A
    A- Exactly
    C- Makes no sense
    A- Ok Im done, Ive been a bitch for every single Pandora's box and I'm not going to be one today.

    Amy asks Keith

    A- K my good friend
    K- There ya go
    A- How are you?
    K- I'm lovin it
    A- You said before you would choose C before anyone, is that still true?
    K- NO
    A- Who wrote that? I didn't even think that was true
    (My guess either T or D maybe C , but she doesn't usually operate that way)
    C looks surprised and feigns a hurt look and then starts laughing
    K- Hey , Im sorry , you and D are number 1's , me and T.
    S- But 3 weeks ago you said she was
    A- When did you say that?
    K- In Pandora's box 3 weeks ago
    A- That's right I was there [everyone laughs]
    S- You changed?
    K- I just changed
    H- Should T be worried your gonna change now?
    K- Is that a question for me or for T?
    T- Your question
    K- I personally, I don't thing she has anything to worry about because there are 7 of us left, but maybe if one of you other 3 girls left I would have something to worry about. Is that the question?
    H- I said T
    K- T has nothing ever to worry about.

    So everyone that is the all of the Pandora's box that we didn't get to see....
    More food for thought and speculation..

    FunnyGirl , No luck on the shower scene yet , I will keep looking

    I will try to do Amy's exit interview tomorrow if no one else does....

    "We make a living from what we get, but we make a life from what we give." Winston Chruchill

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    Anemic Dog
    Very nice of you to do all that work, mischief. Thanks.

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