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Thread: Yahoo Platinum Extra Scenes -- Recaps

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    Quote Originally Posted by Beck
    Week 3: Sexual Frustration -
    OR toni takes a dive (or five)
    Toni doesn't realize there is a camera pointed right at her booty when she goes crack diving (5 times!) to scratch her itchy brown eye. Don't miss her smell her hand after the first one!!
    Would that be Ton's idea of scratch and sniff? Why oh why did I decide to read this thread before dinner?

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    platinum scenes recaps. any.
    I've got the DTS man, i'm in withdrawal. help

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    I think I grossed people out with my recaps... I may have to lay off them for awhile.

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    you know and I know...
    Did you actually get to see Toni's mangina or was it pixeled?

    If you did I wish you the best of luck with your years of therapy *shiver*
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    She'll be there when I'm gone... won't she?
    OK, that's it. I am hereby banning myself from this thread until further notice.
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    I havent had a chance to watch the new ones yet, because I'm at work. But theres one that has an interview with desiree. It's titled "I did it for Amy". I am really getting tired of all of these originals acting as if they eliminated themselves. First Toni took the fall because she knew she had no way. Then Amy thought that she was for sure going to be eliminated so she acted like she was going to quit. Then to top it off she continues to act like that just to get people to tell her to stay. And of course Desiree knew she had no way so she jumps out there as if she sacrificed herself too. It just makes me sick.

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    Meliane (Getting Kicked out Twice)

    She said that she was a little surpised that she didn't get a free pass, like new people in the past (i.e. Tara and Keith). She also said that she was sad that it is wearing people down and that people are not having a good time.

    About Holly, she says that she is great person, and they (Scott and Holly) had something that they didn't have (like show time).

    She likes Dave and Keith. She picked Dave to try to get rid of Charla, and she had no where to go. Melaine was hoping for a twist (but she got one she didn't like).

    Melaine want desiree gone (before she eliminated herself) since Amy was there so long. No hard feeling between her and Desiree. It wasn't Originals against new people.

    Melaine actually came off rather good in this clip... better then she did on TV.

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    Ghost of Paradise:

    Tara and Keith in Bed (so jealous! I want to be Tara) playing with a flashlight

    Keith: Do I believe in rituals and seances?
    Tara: Hell No!! What a bunch of bogus crap
    Keith: I honestly don't believe in them. I don't believe in a thing this lady is going to say
    Tara: I don't either.
    K: She is going to give me insight? How about this?! Why don't you tell me who is going to win this game. Thats some insight I need to hear.
    T: Is she going to talk to a dead guy
    K: No (laugher)
    T: Read my palm. There's nothing to read here. that doesn't say anything. Crap.
    K: I don't believe in it. I know there is a lot of people who do
    T: Hey, are we bringing back a dead person
    K: No. I don't know what this lady is going to do though. She is going to read our future and its a bunch of crap. I don't need to hear it.
    T: I don't know if I am going to let her. I think it is bogus. I think I am just going to watch.
    K: I am going to particpate. A lot of people out there believe in pyshics.
    T: You thought I was a witch
    K: I know I did
    T: After I dyed my hair (laughing)
    K: I wonder what this lady is going to be like.
    T: She is probably going to be like... whoooaaa Keith!!! I see your fortune
    K: Yeah right. I want to know if I am going to win. If she can tell me that, then I will Believe in Witch craft
    T: GIve me your palm. SHe is going to be like: I think you... Had a dog...DO you have a dog
    K: No
    T: No a cat.. No a brother! you have a brother, ok, your brother is married.
    K: This is interesting.. Let me do you. I see, I see the future. There's your house, there's your fence (spit in her hand) there's your pool.

    Sadly that made me want keith to spit in my hand... what a sick sad world we live in!!!

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    They also have a longer clip on silly string and pin the tail on the donkey... Amy is in these though, so I can't bring myself to recap them

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    croft, was that scene on yahoo platinum? Some people claim to have seen Keith spitting in Tara's hand on the show, but i never seen it(i must say though that the local fox station took a 1 minute break right before the psychic to have a hurricane update)

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