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Thread: 9/1 show discussion: *SPOILERS*

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    Quote Originally Posted by Yellow Apple
    Or you could do what I do, get a job and post while you're at work.

    Thank God for internet access at work.

    I second that my fruity friend... :stupid

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    He loaned the rest of his wardrobe to his 50 boys.. it takes alot to clothe that many 15 yr old girls
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    Quote Originally Posted by Miss Filangi
    I read every single post in this thread and it was all worth it for this...

    Mostly, I could post a great big old but I wanted to rant myself.

    I have no idea what the originals think Charla did that was so horrible except for beat them. Someone nailed it earlier when they said that Charla has managed to look good while they all looked horrible.

    Amy. I wish she would voluntarily leave when Zack's 48 hours are up. She probably sickens me the most because she's been used and abused by Zack and yet she comes back for more. If I were to psycho analyse Amy, I'd say that her treatment of the other guests is rooted in her own self loathing. She's probably been the outcast her entire life, hence her insecurity. She finally gets to be own of the popular kids and the only way she can protect that status is to make herself seem superior to others. Classic.

    Zack. Delusional. DE-LU-SION-AL. Delusional. In what universe are you some sort of star. Or have some sort of lawyer in you. Or have 50 friends. You're a punk. Someone else said that they simply don't see the error in their ways no matter how many tapes you see of yourself. That would pretty much sum up Zack. Also, I don't think Zack hates Keith because he booted him out.... I think he hates him because he embarrassed him the day he outed out his 'went back to do more pushups'.

    Amanda So glad she wised up and grabbed some class. If nothing else, I'm glad she was supportive of Charla.

    Tara Never thought much of her before Monday night's episode, but she got a ton of respect in my book. Good for all of them for not playing on that juvenile mentality.

    Dave/Charla I honestly haven't seen one incident where I thought Charla was using Dave or exploiting his feelings for her. They are an alliance and I think they've made that all pretty clear. They are also friends. It probably confuses the originals, I know, as they do not understand concepts like friendship and respect and liking someone, but not being sexually attracted to them. I really hate that the originals are trying to convince Dave that Charla is out to get them. I'd maybe be able to respect them if it was part of their strategy... a way to strike back at Charla by busting up her strongest alliance... but they genuinely seem to believe that she's making him look like an idiot. Again, I don't think they understand the concept of friendship between the sexes.

    Keith How cool is he? It must have been really hard on him not to wipe Zack's smarmy mug with the floor, but good for him to not reduce himself to Zack's level.

    I'm kind of surprised with the apparent mob mentality of Desiree, Tom and Holly. Of course we really don't know for sure whose side they will fall on. I just can't believe that they ALL support the originals.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Duxxy
    He loaned the rest of his wardrobe to his 50 boys.. it takes alot to clothe that many 15 yr old girls
    And there are sweat shops in Africa/Asia going 24-7 to fill those clothing orders.
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    Actually, YA, the sweatshops are in Acapulco.

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    Lists of reasons why the guests (new or old) annoy me

    ok i just had to get some of this crap off my chest

    desiree- i swear to god dude if she says "let me tell you something...." one more time im gonna pop oh ad shes a backstabber

    tom-how he lied to dave when he said he lked him

    holly-nothing, shes cool and relalay damn hot

    scott-nothing with him either

    charla-how she wont stick up for herself and is treating dave like crap

    dave-he lies alot

    tara-not very much stuff with tara

    keith-he seems to think hes incontrol of the barbies


    beau-hes too damn hyper

    zack-do i really have to tell you guys?

    toni-she was always up in everyones business

    hmmm i think thats it, if anyone has anything to say about these people be my guest

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    How has Dave lied a lot?

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    I think the reason Amanda didn't know Beau had been voted off is because there appears to be about a two week lag between the time an episode is taped and it is aired.

    I'm basing this on the fact that Toni's birthday is July 6th and her birthday party episode aired about two weeks after the 6th.

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    The two week time lag would also explains why Beau didn't know that Kristen and Alex had been instrumental in his departure. That episode hadn't aired prior to his return to the hotel.

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