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Thread: 9/1 show discussion: *SPOILERS*

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    oh yea and Zach sucks!

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    it's easy to see that there are alot of shallow people on this board, good luck in your personal relationships

    anyways, in case yall havent noticed, the gang coming back is basically a labor day holiday getaway type's for a short period of time.

    them bringing them back is kinda cool, because they been watching the shows and there gonna stir up trouble with everybody and turn them against each other

    the returning guest all see how loony Amy is, and they all see what type of agenda everyone has

    Amy is obsessed with Zach and he doesn't even give a fucc about her

    this whole zach/keith thing is so retarted, you hate keith cuz he voted you off? hmmm


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    Quote Originally Posted by IloveZach
    very true, Amanda did say there weren't going to be any new guest checking into Paradise Hotel. She never said anything about Old Guest checking back in. I hope he stays. If he did give Amy a choice to stay or leave with him, Her ass better be ready to pack, she'll be out of there in a heart beat. She's only been staying because Zack wanted her too. Zack is fun and really cute to watch. Thank god he's back, cuz Keith is hideous. He has that dumb founded look.
    Have you been watching the show and putting it on MUTE when Zack speaks.not a very extensive vocabulary,evey word that comes outof his mouth is ZACK,ZACK,ZACK.So he still have that good guy image,if we duck tape his mouth and just let him stand there I don't think he'll be that bad,probally all he does is flex in the mirror. He wasn't even entertaining he was just a DUMB@$$,his all girls want me and all guys wanna be me & I'm the best there is CRUSHED him..I admitt I did watch the show on the first episode cause I thought he was HOTT...after hearing him talk and everything else I've never seen and uglier man! Zack keep you mouth shut kid maybe people will actually think you're okay.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jodimax
    Looks like zackbabygurl got a new ID... Come on kiddo your massacre of the English language is a dead give away-- :nono[/QUOTE

    Yeah right Jodimax. This isn't whoever zackbabygurl is.

    My mistake- I was hoping there was only one Zack lover in the world But I am glad that your English has been enhanced however your grammar could use some improvement. But as much as Zack annoys me it will be nice to have a little bit of drama- even if we do have to listen to his egotistical rants...

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    Quote Originally Posted by MandyMia4203
    I think Scott will now choose which girl goes home next - remember Amanda said choose wisely when choosing the guy to be exempt {dumb Charla and Tara}, last time Amanda said that about King and Queen they got to do the eviction. The only way that would be good for Zach to give Amy an ulimatium is if she chooses to go then Scott doesn't get to send anyone else home. Amy need to leave anyway, but I think Zach will just pick new roommates after staying a day or something lame like that.

    Never thought of that but it makes total sense.

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    Quote Originally Posted by solacean
    The difference, of course, being that most elementary school children are significantly more mature than Zack-azz.

    Very insightful-- I agree totally. Are they sure he is really lawyer?? He really doesn't seem the lawyer type.. he is such a shmuck....

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    Wow. Someone Really Likes To Make All His Or Her Statements Look Like Newspaper Headlines. Even Though I Agree With The General Content...Um. I've Said Enough.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ACE1167
    Let Me Understand Like A Guy Who Is Conceded,egotistical,pompus,ar rogant,snobbish,braindead,wome n Abuser,attitude Problem,cry Baby (did I Forget Anything).i'll Bet When He Has Sex With Amy He Screams His Own Name Out.if Amy Stays With Him She Will End Up Like Nicole Simpson.and Do You Thing For A Second Hes Been Faithfull To Amy Since Hes Been Gone.all Hes Got Going For Him Is Good Looks And Great Looks Fade Stupids For Ever.
    I agree with you 100%...zach is a moron who is way too hung up on himself..i hope the loser leaves with his chick

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    Quote Originally Posted by alleria
    It probably is only for one show, Hostess Amanda did say there would be no more guests checking into paradise..

    Maybe Zack has come back to give Amy an ultimatium.. to leave with him or stay..

    So, hopefully we will be rid of her

    Did Amanda say "no more guests checking into Paradise" OR

    "No NEW guests checking into Paradise"?? You know producers and technicalities. Zack is technically not a new guest. Time for Keith to start sweating and that boy is one HOTTIE!

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    i was falling out of my chair laughing when they showed zack walking up to the assembled guests. he looked like nothing so much as a rooster about to get into a cockfight.

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