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Thread: 08/25 Show Discussion **Spoilers**

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    Okay, as far as the Charla thing goes. I don't think her not telling the girls was a ploy in any way. Amanda dropped this bomb on them and I don't think Charla had a chance to tell anyone about the decision.

    I don't think Zack is back to ask Amy to leave. Hell, Amy was ready to leave on her own last week. That would be silly on their part to bring him there for that "choice". He's back for more than that, I am willing to bet. Perhaps they will bring back - one by one - all of the previous guests to allow them a decision in the vote?

    Also, what IF they ultimately allow US to vote by phone on who should be the winner??? Now that might get interesting.....

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    Did anyone else hear Dave or some one like that singing the PH theme last night or was it just me?

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    I'll give the Zack thing a chance before I pass sentence, but if it turns out that Zack is there for more than just the one episode, I may stop watching altogether. There's only so much of the Zackass I can take.

    Anyway, I think Keith has the right idea on how to play the game. I'm thinking that the former guests will get to vote on who wins, so if I'm Keith, I want to be up against the known lying cheating backstabber rather than the guy who everyone likes. That makes perfect sense to me. Of course, Charla is looking at it from the opposite angle. She wants Alex gone so that someone she likes will win the game. That also makes sense. The only difference is, Keith obviously wants to win for himself, and I'm not sure Charla really cares as much about her winning as opposed to one of her "friends" winning.

    But if they get rid of someone they hate every week (Alex this time, Amy for the girls), then eventually the only people left will be their "friends", and that's when things will get REAL ugly. As Keith said: "It's going to get a million times worse."
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    Quote Originally Posted by xkissluvx
    Did anyone else hear Dave or some one like that singing the PH theme last night or was it just me?
    Nope, it was Alex with background vocals provided by Dave and somebody else.

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    all i have to say is.. i hope zach aint there for more than an episode. or if he is, he must wear a muzzle at all times

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    I'm tired of this show. I think I'll nap instead.

    And for the record, PBS and A&E are fantastic channels. I think I might just watch them instead.

    Oh, and is it okay if I call the producers stupid?

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    I just had a thought. I know it said Zack would be back and all, but was that new footage of him, or old? Could it be old, and he does something like...oh I dunno. It was just a thought.

    I've said it before, I'll say it again...thank GOD PH is being pre-empted on Wednesday here. I think I seriously might have an aneurism if I actually watched it.

    Oh yeah, and the other thought I had...someone mentioned that Zack must not be back for good because he's not in the elimination line up. But Amy's there too, so...maybe he comes in after elimination?

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    I think host Amanda is starting to lose it. ("This gig is getting long...")

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    Alex is getting a twofer, Charla is whinging about it to Tom, and Tom is thinking, "Damn, wish it was me...!"

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    I think the footage of Zack was new - unfortunately.

    Hopefully he'll only be there to create a "twist" or force a dceision and not to return as a full-fledged guest.

    Here's to hoping!!

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