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Thread: 08/25 Show Discussion **Spoilers**

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    Zach is coming back!!!!!

    I have to agree with Charla about the Alex/Scott vote-off thing. I'd much rather see Alex go. His time in paradise is up! So, I wonder if the alliance will crumble...even a little bit. Keith seemed pretty pissed. Tara and Desiree confuse me. I don't know where they stand. What are they doing???

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mickles4814
    i don't think Zack is here to stay he wasn't in the line for the roomate selection
    I think you are right. All the same, any more Zack is too d**n much Zack. Heck, ANY Zack is too much Zack.

    Quote Originally Posted by marvine
    I guess that website/song worked. Good lord!
    If that so-called "song" had anything to do with it, it probably qualifies as one of the Seven Signs of the Apocalypse ...

    Quote Originally Posted by YCan'tAngieRead
    "Zack is back". And my television is out on the street where I threw it.
    If only I could afford it, I'd throw mine out there too to keep yours company. Honestly! I feel the urge to scrub the screen raw with a steel brush ...

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    Zack is Back!!

    OMG is Zack back for good or could he be back just to take Amy off the show....finally...that girls gotta go!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by anemicdog
    If he's really re-joining the game, I can safely say I'm done watching.
    That's EXACTLY the same thing I thought. I'm glad the show's being preempted here on Wednesday for NFL. However, it'll probably get to me by then and I'll wanna know who gets sent home. So someone post in the spoiler thread for me. Please?

    -It's not surprising there was a mixup with the guy who is safe from being sent home vote. They sprung that on the girls without giving them time to plan behind everyone else's back. Tara's being a little petty in getting angry about it. I mean, it does sort of go along with what they'd talked about earlier.

    -Since when is Charla Tara's only information source? I think she's just not solid on Alex.

    -Tom's gonna win the thing. I don't know with whom...god I hope it's not Amy. Tom just doesn't tick anyone off and is fun to have around.

    -I can't believe how much of my time I've wasted on this show only to have that STUPID dorkface wanker come back, if even for a second. Blargh. The stupid song worked.

    -I think it's a little juvenile for people to not like Charla because she doesn't like to swim. Actually, it's all juvenile so nevermind.

    Effin. A.

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    Oh my...
    So, our theory that when host Amanda stopped to say "you will leave Paradise forever", is actually true.
    I had to stop here and say
    Zack-ass is in the house! He's just visiting...
    *happy thoughts*
    Plus, we didn't see Smokey

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    Zack Is Back!!!

    Oh how i have been waiting for those 3 little words. I for one am very excited that he is back. He will definitly add some spice to the show. But any idea why he is back? Is he just visiting? Or back on the show for good? Because if i remember correctly Amanda said no new geusts. So wouldn't it be cool if they only brought back old geusts? Oh I've read some of you talking about Zack's email and I was just wondering where ya'll read that from.

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    my guess he is visiting

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    Please read the thread here Petition to bring (stomach turn) Zack back... and click on the link. You will find Zack's "e-mail". And his song

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    I hate to say it but I'm not happy Zack is back. Anything that makes Amy happy pisses me off! Yah- i'm not an Amy fan!!! :rolleyes

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    i agree with charla that ultimately i would rather see scott win than alex.

    i also think that if i were on this show i would be more like tom than anything. ok not as weird but i would just be myself, have fun, and see it as a vacation from real life. not be worried about win win win...thats just too much work.

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