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Thread: What are we in for tonight?

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    4 tickets to the end game

    I thought Tara really nailed Amy when she wasn't buying her pitiful plea by telling her that she ran against her for Queen.

    The "newbies" are playing the game beautifully. As much as I disliked Dave at first, I have certainly come to respect his intelligence and singlemindedness.

    Wonder how this will all play out, but I'm putting my money on Charla, Dave, Keith and Tara to be the final four.

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    I can guarantee this about tonight. I'll feel dirty after having spent an hour of my life watching this crap. Then I'll flip through the TV listings to try and figure out what's going to happen on Wednesday.

    Then I'll get the theme song stuck in my head.

    Speaking of Wednesday...I think we're pre-empted here because of NFL football. Is there a Wednesday episode? If so, ya'll better give me some good details in the spoiler thread. I WILL cry if you don't.

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    I need to say no more..speaking of Zackass...He's making an appearance..lets just hope it's like the episode of Amanda's ex coming on..maybe he can convince Amy to go home FINALLY~!!!
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