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Thread: Paradise Hotel: 8/20 - A Reign of Tarar (and Dave)

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    A thought....

    Can anyone be excited by that much "scary fun"? I mean, if you're older than, say, 18?

    I mean, I'm not THAT much older than they are (31), but the thought of even five minutes of "scary fun" makes me fear that my cholesterol level and arterial blockage will cause a heart attack or stroke.

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    We are reminded that PH has warned the guests to choose wisely. I think that's asking an awful lot from this crew.

    I literally spit water on my keyboard with that. Fantastic recap Bravo!
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    another great recap. thanks.

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    WOO HOOO! Excellent job!

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    Yeah, why the hell did Tara vote for Amy?

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    I don't get that either. What's with Tara voting for Amy? It almost seemed shocking for the sake of being shocking.

    Whoa! Look who I voted for!

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    ham lover
    i think maybe people have reservations about voting for themselves?

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    I think Amy took the Toni approach... she knew that she was destined to be the next one out, so to save face, she "volunteered" to go..
    Really, who on God's green Paradise earth would pick her to stay??
    And by the by... does anyone REALLY think that Zach is at home tuning in every Monday and Wednesday to watch his beloved Amy??
    I'm almost tempted to venture out to the places I detest (Scottsdale nightclubs), just to see if he's out working the town with his new found fame. He's a celebrity now, don't ya know...

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    Didn't Tara vote for Amy, too?

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    BRAVO, Bravo! Loved the recap--funny, accurate, and right-on-target. You had me right from the title: "Reign of Tarar"
    Sending good vibes and warm fuzzies your way..., SnowflakeGirl
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